Pets in Need (PIN)

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Financial aid to provide non-routine veterinary is the primary focus of IMOM. When an application is approved the pet becomes an IMOM approved Pet in Need (PIN).

Not everyone who comes to IMOM will get help. We simply do not have the funding to help them all so we focus more on those who need immediate attention. Those whose caretakers do not have time to fund raise on their own or to save the money needed.

All of our applicants go through a review process in which the financial aid committee will determine whether or not they qualify for financial aid from IMOM.  We have rules and guidelines in place while also understanding that each case is different.

Our goal is to help as many pets as we can and to always be mindful of how donor dollars are spent.

If you would like to know more about our application process you are invited to visit the financial aid pages of our web site.

Fund Raising Cases vs. Making a Pledge

Based on information from the attending veterinarian our committee will decide whether or not we have time to fund raise or if we need to make a pledge to the veterinarian so that treatment can begin immediately. 

Fund raising

Fund raising time can be anywhere between a few hours or a few days.

When the committee determines we have some time to fund raise we reach out to all of our IMOM friends and supporters.  A notice is posted in our community forum, under the heading of "Current Pets in Need". They are also announced in Twitter and Facebook. In addition, an email notice is sent out to subscribers of our PIN notification email group. Once all needed funds have been donated the PIN is moved to another section of the community forum to let everyone know that all funds have been raised and donations are no longer needed.

If you would like to join the PIN notification email group click here.  It is an announcement only list so we won't be flooding your inbox.

Making a pledge

Making a pledge is always contingent on the amount of funds we have readily available. More often than not we do not have funds readily available. That is why donations to our General Fund are so vital to our mission.

Often times we will introduce a case for fundraising but also make a pledge from our general fund.

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Monthly donations save lives