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Chubbers: Pekingese urgently needs treatment

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Chris 1

Chris 1

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Cindy, Laurie and all the volunteers at IMOM work tirelessly to help pets in need.  I know, I was a recipient many years ago and I still continue to try to sponsor & donate to the pets because of their dedication.  IMOM has been around for quite a while and has done an excellent job of helping many, many animals.  I for one do not plan on going anywhere nor are my donations or sponsorships!  I believe in IMOM and the work they do, without compensation, which speaks volumes to me.  
It is sad that an outburst, such as the above, was even delivered.  From the start Patti Jo never took one suggestion or followed any avenue other than that of her own mind.  Many people tried to help but the help was not wanted.  So many times, I just wanted to ask her if she read the FA information but I refrained, not wanting to add fuel to the obvious fire.  
I hope all the Angels out there continue with IMOM and help with their goals of Helping Pets In Need! That IS what it's all about!   I feel there was no deception on the part of IMOM, I am not so sure about the owner.  

Chris  :minichien6:

Judy G

Judy G

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"If you made a donation and would like a refund please let me know. You may send an email to treasurer@imom.org. If you do not ask for a refund your donation will go to the General Emergency Fund. As you all know, we stopped fund raising as soon as we learned we may not have a vet that would work with us so we didn't collect a whole lot."

This must be the part where IMOM scammed all of us poor unsuspecting donors...:huh: Guess PattiJo missed the part where we can ask for a refund if we want.  I donated for Chubbers, but chose to let the General Fund (sorely depleted by so many emergencies) have the money instead of a refund. Believe me, I don't think anyone who is a regular donor/sponsor is going to react any differently, and if anyone else questions IMOM's integrity, let'em read just a few of the testimonials from grateful folks whose companions were saved by IMOM.

Judy G.

Melissa 1

Melissa 1

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Nicely put Judy G.   I was a volunteer that asked you all to help, as I was clearly thinking about Chubbers.  :(   Then all this other stuff came about in this case.  And even though all of this, I do hope that Chubbers makes it.  

Thank you all for your support and kind words.  And for those of you that are former PIN cases at IMOM, thank you for sticking around and helping the new PINs.  This community is really a family filled with IMOM Angels!  (And I am SO lucky to be part of it!)



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I have been a supporter of IMOM for many years.  I have personally meet some of the volunteers, Jacki and even some of the PINs.  And I have to say it's been a privilege for me.  I cannot always donate to every PIN but I sure do try to help them out.  There is nothing more upsetting to someone that is stressed and worried then not knowing what to do or where to turn...

I too hope that Chubbers is on the mend.  And, I have to add that I too do what I do for the animal...I consider my family here at IMOM extra special people...but, yes, there have been times that I've closed my eyes took a deep breath and tried to remain calm...and it's all because of the animal.

They are poor defenseless beings that for no cause of their own are in trouble...IMOM has been here for thousands of them over the years...and with luck...will still be here for many more.

I for one am proud of the work that IMOM does...and I am proud to say that I help even if it's just a little...I cannot imagine what the volunteers of IMOM have to go thru...dealing with upset, worried and sometime angry pet owners...veterinarians...questions, not only from the PIN parent, the vet but also the supporters...I say BRAVO to hem...and THANK YOU for what you do, each and every day.  Judy

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I was looking for this photo of a gold start that I was going to attach to this post because I was able to keep my mouth shut for a whole day.  Unfortunately, I could not find the gold star but I did find this little tiny video that so clearly describes my feelings about the post/email from Patti Jo.

I still get a gold star because I'm not saying what I'm thinking, just letting her know what she needs:  (you may have to click on it.)

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My momma always told me, "Actions speak louder than words".    Donation on it's way to the General Fund. 'Nuff said?

Love, from AJ's Pride and Skeeter's Joy



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At one time I was in training to become an IMOM case worker.  I have seen some things that happen behind the scenes.  I can tell you that these volunteers work their butts off to help an animal that is in need.  There is no excuse for the outburst by Patti Jo.  For all of her talk about God in her posts, she forgot one fundamental thing.  God helps those to help themselves.  Alot of good suggestions were made that Patti Jo didn't follow through on.  I don't know the circumstances behind this case nor do I really want to.  All I know is that IMOM has helped countless pets (and their caretakers) through difficult situations.  And I hope they continue to do so for many years to come.  I am so confident in IMOM that, when my time comes, IMOM will be a beneficiary in my will.  

Shame on Patti Jo for saying such hateful things about a charitable organization.  I sincerely hope Chubbers gets well and lives a long and happy life.  That is what matters here - that Chubbers gets the care he needs so he can be healthy.
Kat n her K9 Crew
- Stormy, Dakota Rose, Maggie, Belle, Kiwi, Lola, Coco Puff and Baylee Britches
-and 5 special Sheltie Angels...Sable, Megan, Katie, Corree and Lacey Jane
-and 2 special Chihuahua Angels.....Callie (Chunky Monkey) and little Peanut and 1 special Pittie angel....Dixie Doo

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Jacki and all of your wonderful volunteers. i don't know how you do what you do. Thank you for having the courage, grace and energy to do so much for all the PINs that come through IMOM. I try to be a regular supporter and do donate to most PINs but I often lose faith with some of the owners, they want help but don't seem to have their priorities in place and little gratitude. What does it take to continue posting for a couple of days AFTER the PIn has received treatment.? i often think IMOM should require PIN owner recipients to repay something; money/effort on a sliding scale in some form for their treatment. After all, donors work hard for their money and in these dreadful times I'm sure there are many demands on people's resources. Again, THANK YOU, don't how you all do it cos I know I couldn't.



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Shame on you PattiJo...shame on you for possibly jeopardizing other PIN cases here becuz some donors may decide it's not worth it after ur rant.

Thank u volunteers for all u do. As a very grateful mom of PIN kids I want u all to remember every single day the PIN kids that are here becuz of what each of u do. The angels donate and sponsor our PIN kids and help keep them alive, but without IMOM and the volunteers there would be no place for us to even have angels helping our kids.

I totally understand being willing to do anything for my boyz- but for someone to do something at the expense of other PIN kids by bashing IMOM and trying to drive donors away is inexcusable.

I sincerely hope Chubbers fully recovers.
Cindy, Justice and my wiggle butt Bridgekid Tucker



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I only have one more comment...

:bravo: to you Cindy....



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It is so unfortunate that IMOM and the volunteers had to "take a beating" at the hand of this misguided individual.  I hope she is able to find the help that she needs.  Oh - and I hope the pupper will be alright as well.

Jacki IMOM

Jacki IMOM

    IMOM Founder

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In two days it will be the anniversary of Magic's Bridge Day. When I think back on all that has happened since he left me it can only make me proud. There isn't anything that anyone can say to change that.

I know that IMOM has given families something that I had no chance of getting with My Magic Cat...more time with a beloved companion and furry friend.  That makes everything we do worth while.

Does it bother me when IMOM is attacked? Of course it does but only because I fear that people who don't know us will believe the rhetoric and that will have a direct effect on how many PIN kids we can help.

Everyone who is involved with IMOM makes sacrifices. Our volunteers make sacrifices so they can all do their part to help by giving their time, as well as making monetary donations. And our supporters make their own personal sacrifices so they can help the animals.

When someone comes along and wants to take the wind from our sails my attitude is always the same. Go ahead and try but there has been too much good done for anyone to bring us down.

IMOM has been around for 13 years and we're not going anywhere.

Thank you for your continued support Posted Image
Jacki and Magic, IMOM Founders

Please make a donation: http://imom.org/donations

is a serious uterine infection that is potentially fatal and can occur in unspayed animals. Spay and neuter -- it's the right thing to do!



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My hat is off to you, that LBK, the IMOM volunteers, and aunties.

You are an amazing woman, and because of you all I have my little monkey here with me .

He is now nearly 6 months old, and 40 lbs.

He would not have made it to 3 months without you all.

The thought of what you all do , on a daily basis brings tears to my eyes.

I have never met such an amazing group of people, with one common interest and goal.

Helping People Help Pets, helpless animals who would otherwise die or be euthanized.

We all know first hand what these animals bring to our lives, each and every day.

The unconditional love, friendship, companionship, and joy.

Anyone that knows you, knows Imom, knows this community..... knows better.

The attack was uncalled for, on soo many levels.

I dont know, nor do I want to know the full story.

I am glad Chubbers seemed to be improving as well as Patti's posts indicated, and

I do hope he continues to improve until he reaches a full recovery.

As we approach the Anniversary of Magic's passing to the Bridge I just want you all to know that Foru and I will be lighting  a candle that day ,  and Thank God as we do every day for Jackie, Magic, and the community of supporters that has created such amazing miracles for so many animals and families.

My little monkey would not be here today, there is no doubt about that.

I cant even count on both hands how many times we heard the word euthanasia.

But I never gave up, nor did the Monkey, or Imom... and here is is today running , jumping, playing, and thoroughly enjoying every moment without a care in the world...LOL.

He acts as if the world is his playground, and everyone he meets is his friend.

he can make a game out of anything as you have seen in some of his video's, but he has such an intense human connection that it is just amazing.

Each day that goes by, I fall deeper , and deeper in love with him ( like that is possible).

I guess I should say every day he does something so cute, or attentive that I fall in love all over again.

These are days we would have never seen, as he grows and develops into the little man he was meant to become.

He never ceases to amaze me,    

There is no doubt in my mind , or anyone else's that my little monkey would have died that aweful night in December.

But because of you, and all you do he is here with us, along with so many other PIN that are enjoying life with their owners do to sponsorship , the GF, and all you do and give on a daily basis.

I could go on, and on, but I wont.

More video's of the monkey are on the way!

Its been hard because his best moments are when he doesnt see me watching him. Once I take the camera out  and he notices me when he is at play all he wants to do is come and sit in front of me and stare me in the face ...like " what now mom?"

He loves to sit outside when the wind blows and chase leaves when they blow across our yard.......I watch him and it truly makes my heart smile..

He is also a watch dog, and has recently learned a BIG boy bark which he loves to show off when anyone comes over , including the mailman.

But once he sees who it is, he can hardly contain himself and runs over with nothing but love and affection in his heart for everyone he sees, or meets.

There are countless amazing animals , and loyal family companions that are around today because of you all and everything you do.

I am soo grateful, not only because you saved my monkey but because of everything you all do and contribute on a daily basis in memory of that LBK.

So many animals would not be alive today if it were not for IMOM.

As I said in the beginning of my post, My hat is off to you all , and we will be forever grateful, and support you all any way we can for the rest of our days!

Before and after photo's will finally be posted tomorrow on our thread.

God Bless you all!

Dawn , and Foru ( the monkey)

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