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Willy got neutered

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Jacki IMOM

Jacki IMOM

    IMOM Founder

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Willy - our very first s/n case!!

Willy is a 10 month old Dachsie. Willy also needed some of his baby teeth extracted to make room for his permanent teeth. IMOM paid for his neuter so his family could pay for his extractions.

Willy's family said,


we need your help as my wife and I don't have jobs and unable to pay for our 9 months old dachshunds to have a spayed or neutered.

Jacki and Magic, IMOM Founders

Please make a donation: http://imom.org/donations

is a serious uterine infection that is potentially fatal and can occur in unspayed animals. Spay and neuter -- it's the right thing to do!

Guest_Corrinne IMOM_*

Guest_Corrinne IMOM_*
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Awesome!  I'm so happy for Willy and his family.

Corrinne / IMOM



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This is great news for Willy and I would like to thank his family for finding a way, through IMOM, to make sure Willy has a better chance at a long and healthy life, and will not be adding to the volume of homeless children in the shelters.

After reading as much as I could, without actually filling out an application, I was not able to determine if the "one pet" limit applies for the spay/neuter program.  

I have seen with some of the emergency spays that it appeared there may be other pets in the households that were also not altered.

I am wondering if IMOM would be willing to help spay or neuter multiple (more than 1) family pets before an emergency arises, through this new AND WONDERFUL spay/neuter program.

Love, from AJ's Pride and Skeeter's Joy

Beauty's Kathy

Beauty's Kathy

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Congratulations IMOM ! Once again you are making a huge difference.

A litle bit OT, please delete if not ok to post:

If you are caring for a feral cat colony in Broward County, Florida, there is someone who is funding spay/neuter- and shots- and microchipping at no cost to the caregiver. You do have to transport the kittys to the clinic and back home. Neighborhood (unowned cats) may also be eligible.

If you need more information, please pm me and I will get you the information you need to register. The work is being done at a very safe clinic.

I fixed over 40 cats there between Sept 09 and Jan 2010 before I ran out of money. Now, thanks to this program, I can get the rest done.

I just did the black male that showed up a few months ago and the rest will follow over the next few weeks


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