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I Just Want To Say Thank You

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Hi All....I have honestly meant to post much sooner than now but have simply been too busy to find the time to do it. So, now that I have a few minutes...I want to publicly thank a very special person who "discovered" my Organization thanks to the last photo contest IMOM ran. I can't name the person as she has requested to be anonymous in a public forum. But, she took it upon herself during the photo contest to order numerous 5 pound buckets of powdered KMR and had them sent to us here at Purrs & Puppy Breath Nursery, Inc. Then, she surprised us with another multiple bucket order at Christmas time. In the 20 plus years I have been doing infant animal rescue I have NEVER had anyone donate KMR to us. EVER. And, it can get very expensive as we typically go through about 10 buckets (50 pounds) a year. This person has donated enough KMR to us so that we won't have to order anymore for more than a year. For those of you who are active rescuers, you can understand the magnitude of this most amazing and generous gift. For those of you who don't actively do rescue...There is no easy way to express what this means. But, what I can say is this: Because of this person's kindness and generosity I have been able to take on more kittens in the Nursery and save more lives AND...Every time I make another pitcher of formula, I am smiling. Why? Because I don't have to worry about how low my supply is getting and wondering if I need to come up with the money to pay for another bucket. This donor has given me the gift of peace of mind and relaxation. There is no price tag that can be put on a gift like that. And, ALL of this happened because of IMOM and the amazing people who lurk behind their computer monitors and find themselves in a position to offer help to someone who needs it. THANK YOU ALL!!

Jodi Olesen - Purrs & Puppy Breath Nursery, Inc.



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WOW - Bless you Jodi and thanks for what you are doing for these babies.  I am in rescue and I understand what a treasure this donation is for you.  Bless that donor as well!!!  I always feel very "rich" when I open the cabinets and it is full of canned food and baby food - I have a few cats who sometimes aren't able to eat due to stomatitis, so having lots of baby food on hand, for me would be the same as you having all that KMR for you.  It gives you comfort to know you don't have to worry about how you will feed these precious kids that have fallen into your hands.

It sounds like you have bottlers in volume.  I am sort of a one person rescue (I work with a 501 C 3 so I can show at Petco) and I can't even take bottle babies this season as I have too many adults that haven't been adopted yet. :-)

For you, Jodi and anyone else who may find themselves in an unexpected situation - like finding a newborn in the bushes and having nothing to feed the baby if you are unable to find a petstore open... a recipe for kitten formula:

1 1/2 C GOATS milk
1  egg yolk
1 T light corn syrup
1 pkg unflavored gelatin
1 C distilled water

Mix together and heat just to a boil.  Make sure gelatine is completely disolved.

Again - thanks Jodi for caring for these babies.



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Lynette, I do have a homemade recipe for kitten formula that I have used if there were no other options. It's not the same recipe you've given. But, it works. I just prefer using the KMR. I'm currently bottle feeding 2 preemies (they are about 2 days old today), 1 newborn that's about 5 days old, 5 kittens that I've had for almost a week now and they are about 3 weeks old now and then I have 4 other kittens that are between 5 & 6 weeks old. A friend is fostering 3 kittens for me right now as well. I am somewhat overwhelmed at the number of babies in my care at the moment. But, it's going to be okay. I am stil in shock at this particular kitten "season". It's extremely late to be inundated with newborns and we've been going non-stop since February. Blows my mind.


Jacki IMOM

Jacki IMOM

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It makes me so happy to read this, Jodi.  Not only does it make me happy to know these babies are getting everything they need, it also makes me happy that IMOM played a small part in it.

This is why we like to include rescue orgs. when we have a fund raiser.  We are always hopeful that we will somehow be able to help rescue pets by bringing people together.

Thank you for sharing the good news with us!!  magicmoon.gif
Jacki and Magic, IMOM Founders

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