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Giselle Simmons, 11 week old Maltese

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This diagnosis is a young pup is more often than not congenital.  Giselle's mom and dad shouold have been spayed and neutered so they could not breed

(7/9/04 11:32 am)
Giselle Simmons, 11 week old Maltese
Giselle is a 11 week old Maltese who can't eat. She has been diagnosed with a birth defect that requires surgery as soon as possible, as she is underweight and not thriving - she's only 2.5 lbs. We may not be able to get a page up till tomorrow but I didn't want to wait to tell you about her. We'll post her picture soon because she is absolutely adorable! Her mom is a college student who has already spent $900 on tests at 3 vets, and can't afford anything more. Texas A & M University has agreed to work with us but it's an expensive procedure.


Diagnosis: Vascular ring anomaly causing megaesophagus and regurgitation
Estimated total needed: 1700-2200
Volunteer case worker: Cindy Wilson

From Giselle's mom

Giselle is a wonderful sweet little puppy. She came into my life just a month ago but she has already changed my life. Giselle has proved herself to be more than I could ever dreamed and I love her very much. We noticed something was wrong when Giselle started to vomit after meals so we took her to the emergency vet hospital, and to our regular vet the next day. They couldn’t find anything wrong so they sent us home. A couple of days later she began vomiting after meals again. The vet recommended us to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital and after x-rays and tests they found out that she has a Vascular ring anomaly causing mega esophagus and regurgitation. Every time she tries to eat she regurgitates and vomits due to the constriction. She needs open chest surgery as soon as possible to repair this. If she waits to long to have surgery her condition could be permanent and her prognosis without surgery is poor. I was devastated knowing that I couldn’t afford the surgery that she needed. I am a college student and have already spent $900 in diagnostics and emergency room fees. I cannot afford to pay for the surgery. I have called many rescue groups to try to get help but they have not been responsive, nor has her breeder returned my calls. Giselle is such a fighter. She is very healthy besides this. I believe that she could have an excellent quality of life with this procedure. If there is anyway that you can help Giselle, we would be forever grateful. Thank you and God Bless!

This little baby chance and I hope you can help us help her. Thank you for your support,


Click her to read about Vascular Ring Anomaly
Jacki and Magic, IMOM Founders

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is a serious uterine infection that is potentially fatal and can occur in unspayed animals. Spay and neuter -- it's the right thing to do!

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