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Rascal - Best Boy Ever

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Diana C.

Diana C.


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Moved from old community 8/3/06
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Jacki IMOM  
Administrator - IMOM Founder
Posts: 2300
(2/12/06 11:30 pm)
Reply Rascal - Best Boy Ever
Two years ago my boy went to join Magic, Tiki and Bug at Rainbow Bridge.

It snowed today and that made me think of him and miss him even more. Rascal loved to play in the snow.

Judy Leathers  
Registered User
Posts: 3858
(2/13/06 5:49 am)
Reply    Rascal - Best Boy Ever
Jacki, what a wonderful memory you had of Rascal, how special that the snow arrived on Rascal's Bridge Day...perhaps a sign that all is well..

I am hoping that you and Pete are starting to have happy memories of Rascal and Bug...I know it's still hard... , Judy

Linda IMOM  
Committee Volunteer
Posts: 2683
(2/13/06 6:15 am)
Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever
Jacki, thinking of you as you honor Rascal's bridge day.
Collie Hugs - Linda aka ellgee

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cindy h
Registered User
Posts: 79
(2/13/06 8:18 am)
Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever

Rascal was a beautiful little  boy, and what a wonderful tribute to him that the snow arrived on his bridge day.

I came to IMOM when my little boy went to RB on 1/11/06 and I am so glad to have found this community of    . I am grateful to your furbabies - Rascal, Magic, Tiki and Bug for leaving their mom with such a huge  and immense love of furbabies that she had to share it with the rest of us, offering guidance and bringing the rest of us furbaby parents together so that we may help all who need it and know that there are so many more of us out there.

Thank you Jacki, Rascal, Magic, Tiki and Bug. Huge  to all of you.
Cindy H
Beaulah (BooBoo)

Unregistered User
(2/13/06 10:26 am)
Reply    Rascal - Best Boy Ever
Ditto!! I just found this site on 1/15/06 - twp days after my baby had to leave me. Had searched the internet, looking for the right place that felt safe enough to share my feelings, and this was the place. Scout sends a special purr from the bridge, expressing her gratitude too.


Registered User
Posts: 315
(2/13/06 5:16 pm)
Reply    Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever
It's always amazing to me the things that sometimes just hit us in the face with memories. I miss every single one of my kids that have passed on and even thought the pain lessens, the missing them never seems to go away.

On a little lighter note, looks to me like Rascal was a little Pom?? Max is going through Adequan shots for an arthritic hip. When we were at the vet the other night, there were 3 poms in there. My big brave 100 pound German Shepherd was afraid of them. Their moms thought that was hysterical. Poms have so much attitude and confidence. I think they are just the most adorable little dogs and there will be one in my life one of these days...
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Jacki IMOM  
Administrator - IMOM Founder
Posts: 2301
(2/13/06 6:56 pm)
Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever
On a little lighter note, looks to me like Rascal was a little Pom??

Yes, Rascal was a Pom. He was a big one at 12-14 pounds. Right up until he was 16 years old people would ask me if he was a Chow puppy.

Rascal had arthritis in his golden years. It didn't slow him down much though. He had 2 ortho surgeries when he was younger so I started him on Glucosomine (sp?) when he was about 7 years old. I think that helped him a lot.

Pom's are wonderful little dogs. I had 3 of them but now I have just one. My little Missi will be 16 in April. My Dals know she's the boss. So do the cats!  

I hope you do have a Pom some day. They are a joy to be around.

Diana S IMOM  
Board of Directors
Posts: 4149
(2/16/06 11:30 pm)
Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever
I love reading about Rascal and the snow. I'm glad he sent snow for his Bridge Day. Obviously, it wasn't a blizzard because of winter - it's been in the 50s this week. A very strange and unique storm for the record books - that's what Rascal sent.

Diana & Angel
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Jacki IMOM

Jacki IMOM

    IMOM Founder

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Rasky -I still miss you every day. You're the best boy ever!
Jacki and Magic, IMOM Founders

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Mike (Guy's person)

Mike (Guy's person)

    Certified IMOMer!

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View PostJacki IMOM, on 12 February 2011 - 12:02 PM, said:

Rasky -I still miss you every day. You're the best boy ever!

Jacki, I see how you honor the anniversaries of your animals so faithfully.  I never knew LuvBug or Rascal.  But I know that they are still remembered and loved, every day and especially on their February anniversaries.



    Certified IMOMer!

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I wonder sometmes how you can continue marching on when February comes around.  LuvBug, Rascal, and Magic- each so special in his or her own way.

Sending hugs and wishes for your peace during this tough month.  :magicmoon:

Love, from AJ's Pride and Skeeter's Joy

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