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Current Pets in Need


Thanks to you!

The pets you will find here have been spayed or neutered thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

  • 53 topics
  • 200 replies

Spay - Neuter Fund Raising Cases

In this forum you will find individual cases in which IMOM is in search of financial assistance for spay/neuter. Remember...it's not only about the pet overpopulation - there are multiple health risks for unaltered pets.

  • 2 topics
  • 0 replies

Pets with Chronic Ongoing Illnesses

This forum is used for pets with chronic, ongoing illnesses. Their caretakers have been given the privilege of seeking sponsors for monthly veterinary expenses.

Caretakers are required to post updates in their pet's topic a minimum of once every seven days.

(IMOM can no longer accept applications for ongoing care)

  • 8 topics
  • 10,743 replies

Monthly Sponsor Needs

  • 1 topics
  • 25 replies

Behind the Scenes Emergencies

The pets you will find in this forum are those who were in immediate danger of death or euthanasia. Because of your generosity in making monthly donations to our General Emergency Fund we were able to offer financial assistance.

  • 318 topics
  • 4,417 replies

All Funds Raised (AFR) - donations no longer needed

Pets in Need are moved to this fourm after all needed funds have been raised. They remain in this forum until they have had their veterinary care. Their thread will then be moved to the appropriate forum.

Applicants are required to continue keeping community members updated as long as their pet is in this forum.

  • 9 topics
  • 349 replies

Pets in Need at Magic Bullet Fund

The Magic Bullet Fund is an organization that helps with treatment for canine cancer. The pets you find here are not part of IMOM fund raising but are approved to post on our forum.

IMOM has no affiliation with The Magic Bullet Fund.

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