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Kyle imom

Paige: dog with pyometra and mammary tumors

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All I can say is "wow". It's very disappointing that Paige's owners accused Jacki and all of us at IMOM of "playing with people's emotions". Yep, that's what we do - have committee meetings daily on how to mess with people. Good grief.

Cremation has nothing to do with honoring Paige's memory. Paige doesn't care. It's about her owners and their wants/needs. We did everything we could to help Paige and are sorry she couldn't be saved but it's not our fault.

To them: when you thank IMOM supporters and donors, remember those donations would never have helped Paige without IMOM volunteers who work tirelessly to help pets. Our website doesn't run itself, our accounting is not run by some robots, those calls to UC Davis weren't automatic: IMOM volunteers are the ultimate IMOM supporters and it's really low to bite the hands that worked so hard to help an animal who we would never even meet (note I said "who" not "what").

Jacki Hadra is my mentor and best friend, and I've never met a finer person or one I admire more. So if you want to bash her, be advised she has an army of people who love her and know her love for animals. She took on this case personally because she cared so much, and would do it again in a second, even with given this ingratitude, because it's all about the pets. If you can't see that, it's your loss.


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Paige's people are grieving and people in grief sometimes say and do things that they normally would not.

Let us let this go.

I'm certain that with time, Paige's people will heal and be able to think of their memories of her time with them with joy again. For now they are hurting.

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I am so sorry to hear about Paige.. I want you to know that the money that was raised that Paige did not go through, may have been the money that helped my Cujo get his first night in the hospital after I exhausted ALL my funds for the initial surgery...

Please take the time to realize what Paige is doing in the after life! She has touched the lives of SO many... IMOM helped give her a chance to live.. it gave her longer than what she would have had if it did not exist...

I am relying on this amazing group of people to help me with my own dog... Please look at it as she is saving people in the after life... She is helping some animals get the urgent care they need...

Thank you.

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I think that Cujo's Mom pretty much said it all. IMOM is about helping the living pets who need us, immediately. I would like everyone to understand that the decision not to help with Paige's cremation was not a decision Jacki made by herself. Those IMOM volunteers who were around to vote ALL voted NOT to help with the cremation. I feel Jacki has been unfairly singled out in this matter and just wanted everyone to know that things are done by Committee at IMOM and everyone has a voice. Jacki has trained each of us in the IMOM method and it works. She has spent countless hours working with us, and vets and other organizations to help make life better for people and their companion animals. She deserves only the highest respect.

I won't go into the difficulties caused by Kathy and Melissa, but just want you to know that EVERYTHING that IMOM did, was because of, and for Paige. It broke our hearts when we found out Paige had Cancer.

It is a real privilege to count myself among the IMOM Volunteers. Everyone works as hard as they can to help the PIN (Pet In Need) when one is put up for fund raising. There is lots of work behind the scenes that goes on before a pet can become a PIN and usually time is not our friend, so lots of stuff has to be done in a hurry. I am proud of each of the Volunteers who make a difference in the lives of people and pets we'll never meet. But each Volunteer knows it isn't about accolades or meeting the pets because each one becomes part of the greater IMOM family and each one touches our hearts. When we lose a pet we've tried to help, it's like losing one of our own. When one is healed, we feel like we are on the top of the world!

There are LOTS of e-mails that go back and forth at IMOM about the PINS, it isn't all about the Forum, as important as it is to us. We support each other through the tough cases and the cases that have true "Happy Endings".

I'm sorry this is so long, but I just had to say that IMOM and it's donor Angels is the best group to be associated with and I love each and everyone of you.

Sheila :catonchair

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