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Tiny Robinson - Terrier with broken pelvis

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Diagnosis: Fractured pelvis

Low end of estimate: $2186

Owner Contribution: $686 (already has spent $700 for prior treatment)

Needed for low end of estimate: $1500

4% for IMOM operating expenses: $60

Our fund raising goal: $1560

Spayed: No (will be done at a later date when medically safe)

Caseworker: Dawn


Tiny Robinson is a 2 year old terrier mix with a fractured pelvis. Poor little girl was hit by a car (hit and run) last Sunday. Surgery needs to happen ASAP. Tiny is urinating, but has not had a bowel movement since the accident. The vet really wants to help this pup, and will do her spay later for no additional cost when it is medically safe.

Here is what Tiny’s dad had to say about this little pup:

Tiny is treated like family in my household. Tiny has been with us since she was born, I can remember her being so small she could sit in the palm of your hand, she was so tiny that we could not see her eyes. Tiny is also a friend to my aging mother who is yet to receive any grand kids; so tiny is just that to her a grandchild. For her to survive this accident she is a true warrior in my eyes even to be so small.”

If you can help Tiny please make a donation - visit http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and mark your gift "Tiny Robinson", or our Paypal address is paypal@imom.org

Please be sure to let us know who your gift is for.

This little pup needs help – a broken pelvis is very painful!

Edited by Dawn IMOM

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Tiny's case has been temporarily suspended while the owners look for a new vet.

Thank you -

Edited by Dawn IMOM

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