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Hollie Cole-Pugh - Pitbull needed emergency C-section

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Late yesterday, we received an urgent request to help Hollie Cole-Pugh, a 3 yr old Pitbull who needed an emergency C-section. She had given birth to the last puppy about 24 hours before and was quite ill.

Thanks to all who contribute to the General Fund, IMOM was able to pledge $500.00 to get Hollie into surgery immediately.

This is what Hollie's mom had to say:

I think that my pet is special need because she is very special to me. She has been my companion for me for two years. It just been me and her - my boys do there own thing. My boys are 20 and 19 so they don’t have time for their mom. Just hi mom and what for dinner. So yes she is very love. I would not be able to handle losing her.”

We cannot Thank you all enough for making these donations possible. Without our General Fund, we couldn't continue to help these pets in dire emergencies.

To make a donation to IMOM's general fund to help the next pet in need who comes to us when there is no time to fundraise visit http://tinyurl.com/ag9dfyj


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I would like to send a very special thanks to IMOM for your help. With out IMOM I wouldn't have my 3yr old blue nose pitbull. She is my baby. She had a emergency c-section on Jan 12,2013. That is day that I won't forget I almost lost someone very special to me. She is back to her normal self again. She is eating and back to being very playful. She sleep at the foot of my bed everynight. So once again very very special thanks to IMOM. Hollie is doing very good after her surgery. Thank again IMOM and to my vet.

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