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Jamie IMOM

Paris Skeesick

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took Paris to the vet late last night - and he said she STILL cannot get her stitches out!

i was surprised as it has been 14 days since surgery. he said the bottom of the wound is still a little "crusty" and that the skin is not entirely fused at this point, therefore he cannot remove the stitches. I now have to return on Monday evening again...

of course i do not want them to remove the stitches before their time, so patiently awaiting the healing process

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I'm sorry to see Paris could not get her stitches out yet, but I guess it is better to wait and be sure.

My sister has 2 chis she adopted from animal control last year. The girl is Maggie, about 5 years old and very pretty. The boy is Reno, 10 years old, and he about to be put to sleep when I saw his photo and sent it to my sister and she rushed to adopt him. He is a cranky old man with everyone except my sister-snarls and snaps-but he loves her, and he also seems better around men. He snarled at her the first time she met him, but she knew he was just scared. :)

I hope Paris is still doing okay, and gets her stitches out today, and then can run around like she wants to. :)

Thanks for the updates.

Judy G.

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Good Afternoon IMOM


Paris finally got her stitches out last night!!!

It took 17 days after surgery for her little tummy to heal enough to remove the stitches - here is what the scar looks like today:


I do feel a little lump at the top of the scar, on both sides, feels hardened under the skin. (in the picture at the top - where it looks pinker)

Is this normal? It doesn't seem like it is...

I don't want to return to the vet AGAIN today to ask this question - when he removed the stitches he did not mention anything about it - he said that it had healed nicely - and didn't mention any problems

Does anyone else have experience with this type of scar - pyometra in their chihuahua or small dog? what did the scar look like and feel like afterwards?

Any help or advice is as always appreciated - thanks in advance

I gave Paris a bath today - it is her first since before surgery - and couldn't wait to get all the yuk off of her, but didn't want to bathe her with the stitches still in

Here she is on the couch looking all fluffy and happy again =]


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The incision looks good to me. The lump could just be scar tissue, and may go away in time. I think if you are really worried, you could maybe just call the vet and speak to him, but unless the area gets red or tender or hot, I'd probably just wait and see.

I bet she is happy to be clean. :) Sweet little girl.

Judy G.

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