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Kirsten D

Neil Patrick Ferret - Introduction

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Greetings, my name is Kirsten and I am looking for assistance with my ferret, Neil Patrick Ferret (Neilio, for short). My 4-year-old rescue ferret, Neil, is in need of dental surgery which I sadly cannot afford. My boyfriend and I saved Neil from an unfit environment 9 months ago, and he has brought joy to our lives every day since (he loves peanut butter, belly rubs, and tunnels). Unfortunately, before Neil came to live with us he sustained serious damage to his teeth from gnawing on the bars of his cage for attention. He was missing several teeth when he came to us, but only recently did we begin to notice anything wrong. The vet has informed us today that extracting the teeth is his only option, and the surgery is very expensive. We simply do not have the funds for the surgery, and I am hoping that by joining this forum, we can find a way to save our beloved pet.


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THANK YOU for saving Neil Patrick from a sad life...

Here is the link for financial aid from IMOM...follow the step by step instructions crefully to see if you qualify.

Did your vet give you a cost for the surgery yet?

Can you hold a yard/garage sale or bake sale or car wash to help raise the funds needed for Neil Patrick??

Also, donation cans or a benefit dinner...

I am just thinking out loud of places to contact...

you could put up a chip in page on Facebook and Twitter...tell Neil Patricks story and see what you can come up with...

GOOD LUCK and here is the link to the IMOM financial aid page


you can do an Internet search to see if there is a yahoo group that might have information on ferrets and perhaps vets in your area that might work with a rescue.....

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Thanks for your reply, Judy.

The vet we took him to yesterday, while she does treat ferrets, is incapable ofperforming the dental surgery. She has given us antibiotics and medication for pain management. She advised she would be in touch in a day or so once she had consulted with a vet in Toronto or Guelph, capable of extracting the three teeth. So the cost of surgery is not exactly known, but she has told us to prepare for a call today or tomorrow with a price in the ballpark of $2,500-$3,000.

My boyfriend and I have both posted to our Facebook accounts, and I am going to make a page dedicated to our cause once we know the amount we are aiming for.

I looked through the steps for the Financial Aid, and I believe that I qualify, but I won't know for certain until I know exactly what dental surgeon my local vet has found to perform the surgery.

If online efforts to raise the funds don't work, I will definitely be resorting to a yard sale, bake sale, whatever it takes. I can't let my otherwise perfectly healthy, happy pet pass away because I couldn't find the money to save him.

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she had consulted with a vet in Toronto or Guelph

Unfortunately, due to legalities and issues with different currencies, IMOM is not usually able to assist outside the US. However, there is an organization in Ontario that may be able to help: http://www.farleyfoundation.org/.

We hope Neil Patrick finds the treatment he needs and you have many more years together.


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Kirsten, I did not know that you were in Canada BUT please stay on the forum even if it's only for moral support...

We here at IMOM LOVE all creatures so when you're feeling down and troubled check in and we will help lift your spirits...

I think that your baby is in good hands...

Did you see the organization that Cindy from IMOM posted for you? I'll be sending positive thoughts that they can help.....

GOOD LUCK...and please do stay with us...I am rooting for a successful outcome.....stay strong...Judy

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