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riley and beck

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My dog Riley 4 year old dorgi( dachshund Corgi x) is throwing up white foam and I have no clue why it starting happening after my bf family. Dog Beck boxer mix 4years old starting throwing up the same thing about a week ago and the other day Beck had bloody stool they are all vaccinated I'm kinda of worried and I don't know what to do it's weird cause my shah tzu is fine and nothing wrong with him if someone can just tell me why he is throwing up white foam and let me now if it's serious I will be more then grateful. Thank you

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To be safe and not worry I would place a call to my vet...tell them what is going on and see what they say...IF Riley gets the bloody diarrhea don't wait...make an appointment to see what is happening...

Is Riley eating? Sometimes they have an upset tummy...so a rest is good...you can boil up ground beef and white rice or chicken and white rice and give him small amounts a couple of times a day to sooth the stomache...

but...why worry...all the vet and they should be able to give you advice over the telephone...GOOD LUCK...

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