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Bentley & Haleigh

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Hi, I'm new to IMOM and am in the process of applying for financial assistance. I am a full time college student as well as a full time direct support professional working with individuals with developmental disabilities. My one year old pup, Bentley, is a beagle/terrier mix. He is very loving and sweet, loves to run and play, and really enjoys going hiking at the lake with his dog friends.

Just this past Sunday (March 4) I took Bentley to an emergency clinic after 2 days of lethargy, loss of appetite, and one incident of blood in his stool. I had called my vet multiple times, asking him to see Bentley, but he said that it sounded like Bentley had eaten something bad and just needed pepto and pedialyte, and that I didn't need to bring him to a clinic- he wouldn't make an appointment with me, and told me there was no reason to take him elsewhere. I should have gone ahead and taken Bentley to another clinic, but I was assured by the vet and felt safe with this doctor who I have known almost my entire life.

Anyway, Bentley was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, a rare autoimmune disease which causes his immune system to attack his red blood cells. He was given an emergency transfusion, put on coritosteroids, and stayed at the emergency hospital for only 2 days. I had to bring him home due to financial strains- after all this I had already paid $2000, $500 of which was from CareCredit (that's as much as I was approved for.) I took him to a new vet yesterday (the hospital he was previously at was 2 hours away, so I found a new vet who has dealt with cases like this and took him there) and his red blood cell count was dangerously low again. He stayed the night and is getting the corticosteroids intravaneously, but he desperately needs a second transfusion. I can only afford to pay for the basic care. I am asking IMOM to help me afford a blood transfusion. This treatment plan could very well save him if I can get the funds. Bentley is my baby, my famly, my best friend. He's only a year old, and we've only had a brief 10 months toggether. That's not enough! I have started a WePay account, so if anyone wants to help me by donating or spreading the info, click here.

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So sorry to hear about Bentley!

Just follow the steps at www.imom.org/fa to apply with IMOM.

We hope we are able to help your pup!

Vicky M

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