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Hi My name is Michelle.

My dog Pepper Ann just turned 5yrs old this month. She is a female pug. When I first got her I wanted to breed her with a male pug, when she was of age of course. I soon realized that I loved her so much there was no way I could breed her. I was so worried something would go wrong that would cause her harm I never did breed her. About eight months ago she started gaining weight and eating so much I had to ration her food portions. She kept rashes and the vet kept giving her steriod shots and pills. She was also put on antibiotics on a regular basis. Finally fed up that every time I took her to the vet they just gave her the same medicines and the problems came back as soon as the medicine was gone, I took her to a new vet. The new vet ran blood work and said that if it came back the way he thought it was going to she would need surgery the next day or that she could die within the next few months. He said with all the symptoms she had he assumed she had pyometra or a pus filled uterus. Through streaming tears, I told him I did not have the $800 he needed for the surgery and he then told me she only had a thyroid problem. She has been on the medicine for thyroid for three months and I just found out he was suppose to be testing her blood every two to four weeks to check her blood levels to make sure that she was getting the right dosage of medicine. She usually weighs 14 pounds she now weighs 27 pounds. She does not eat anymore than she always has now that she is on the medicine for thyroid., but she only weighed 22 pounds when she got started on it. Since being on the medicine she has went blind and her back legs are very weak and seemed bowed in. Her stomach is extremely bloated and she still has an awful rash on her entire body. The rash is spotty but forms black circles were the hair falls out. Her skin is thick and crusty on her back, hind legs, thighs, and under her underarms. On Thursday I have an appointment with a different vet since I no longer trust that the new vet is treating her properly. I have no children and Pepper is my baby. I am 27 years old just went through my first pregnancy in December which ended up being a tubal. Was off work the entire month and went back to work for a week and was laid off. I am now drawing $160 a week for unemployment and a full time student. I am hoping for the best with Pepper on Thursday but if not I hope I can get help to pay for the surgery. I am going to get a copy of her blood work from the last vet to check the levels myself but I definitely am not using him in the future. If she is being overdosed on the medicine he is prescribing her it could cause more problems. Not only that if she has Cushing`s disease which is indicated in her symptoms this medicine is contraindicated for her.

Sorry for the lengthy introduction but Pepper has been through so much the last year I don't know any other way to describe how much she has been through or the worry that I am experiencing. I cant imaging losing my best friend. Thanks so much for having such a wonderful organization for true pet lovers to share their and their pets stories and experiences.

Michelle and Pepper Ann

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Welcome Michelle and Pepper. If you haven't already started an application, go here: http://www.imom.org/fa/index.htm to begin the process. Even if you're going to a new vet -- and the diagnosis isn't definite yet, at least you can take a look and see the types of documents required.

Please keep us posted.

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