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Indoor/Outdoor cats

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I just can't help myself -- the reason for the following rant.

I don't understand why people subject their "beloved" kitties to the dangers they will encounter outdoors. If you can't deal with the litter box then don't have a cat. Any other reason for allowing them to go out just doesn't make any sense. They don't "long" for freedom. Sure, they like to watch what is going on outdoors but they can do that thru a window. They don't have to be involved.

I have 5 cats that were brought into my home as ferals. They experienced "outdoors" and now the only way I could get them to go outside is to pick them up and put them out there. They are quite content in the safety that my home offers them. That's what they want more than anything. To be safe and to be loved.

If you let your cat outside, it is no longer safe. How many cases have showed up here at IMOM where a cat has been injured or maimed because it was an indoor/outdoor cat?

IMO, to love your cat means to keep it inside where it will be safe.

Thanks for listening.

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Agree with you more then I can even tell you.

Today I thought about this on my way out of our community (pretty much the same thing as you wrote). I drove and saw a few houses down an LBK curled up in a bed outside on the front porch with blankets. Still, I thought - cruel people for not letting that kitty inside the nice warm house. Sure they at least gave them blankets and a bed, but still, I couldn't help feel bad for the little guy. Little farther down, the 17 yr old White long haired beauty, with the garage door up about 8 inches so he can go in and out, (his food is in there and water) was curled up in the dirt trying to stay warm (ice on my truck so I assume temps had to get below 32 last night). I passed that house thinking: Garage much warmer people! Summer time they melt, winter time they freeze. So mean for a 17 yr old :(

Not to mention having to fight off other animals: raccoons, possums, other cats, dogs, etc


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