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Leonard still needs help and prayer

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Leonard is happy to be home from the vet but is in pain and depressed at the same time. He is living in the warm laundry room until we raise enough money to get him his surgery. I noticed his appetite is down tonight. He has decided to use the cat's little box rather then puppy pads which is ok with me. I didn't think he could get in there with his hurt leg. He has his sleeping bag and stuffed mouse to cuddle with. He even watched a movie with me in bed last night. He is so calm. I can't wait til he is fixed and can go on walks. He also has some friends waiting in the pasture for him (2 pot bellies and a goat. We are not allowed to let him out in the house any more really because he can get hurt more or bumped and caused more pain.

I am selling anything I can to raise money as well as reply for aid in many places. I keep getting shot down where ever I go. I am starting to get depressed because I am trying so hard to help him. I did all I can by spending almost $1100 on him since Sunday. I don't have anything else to give. The people I got him from kept checking up on him via text until I told them how much the vet bills are and asked if they could help out with $100 at least since he got hurt from them chasing him. I didn't expect much but it never hurts. I tried to post on craigslist for help but I got flagged. I don't know what else to do. I am going to continue tonight with some other leads and I will keep everyone posted.

If anyone knows of a vet with in 12 hours of Seattle that is willing to do the surgery for free we are willing to drive there to get him the help. All we have right now to give him is our time and we don't mind giving it.

I will post pictures of him shortly.

Thanks for your help and support.

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