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Jamie IMOM

Jasper's Story

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In early August, our seven month old Siberian Husky puppy Jasper became sick. He had stopped eating and drinking and didn't really want to even move. About two weeks earlier, our other dog was sick and we thought that Jasper had caught the bug from him. However, after watching Jasper very closely for a day, we realized that something more had to be wrong with him. Jasper is definitely a chewer; he would chew on anything if it would stay still long enough. We made an appointment with Jasper's vet for the following Monday (8/15). However, we already had a suspicion that he was going to need surgery. So we started thinking about the hard decisions we were going to have to make. As everyone knows, surgery is expensive. As a family, we had to figure out what was best for all of us. We knew that any treatment above routine care was going to be out of reach financially. We tried to figure out what we could do quickly to gather the funds for what we knew was going to be too expensive for us. I (Jasper's mom), as the budget maker for our family, knew that having Jasper euthanized was going to be our only option; there was no way we would be able to come up with the money we needed in the following days. I also knew that Jasper probably only had a few more days. Jasper's dad found IMOM by doing a google search. I have heard of organizations that would help pets in need, but I didn't think Jasper had the time. I didn't want to watch him suffer, so I had begun mentally preparing myself to have Jasper put to sleep. On Monday morning, we took Jasper to his vet. And as we had feared, his prognosis was grave. He either had to have surgery in the next couple of days or he was going to die. We had the paper work that the vet needed to fill out for IMOM's help and they would not even consider it. They told us that they would not do the surgery until it was paid for and they would not accept IMOM's help. So we left and drove the 20 miles home knowing that Jasper was going to have to be put to sleep. It was our kids' first day of school; one in preschool and one in high school. So we decided that we would take Jasper to be put to sleep after we took our preschooler to school. We had told both of our girls the night before (in different ways of course) that Jasper probably wouldn't be home when they got home from school Monday. We even contacted our local Humane Society and we were going to give him to them to save his life. But they could not guarantee us that they would do the surgery; they might still put him to sleep. The thought of strangers doing that was more than we could bear. If he was going to be put to sleep, we couldn't let him be alone.

We decided that instead of driving back to our vet's office 20 miles away that we would take Jasper to the vet here in town to have him put to sleep. Then it occurred to Jasper's dad that we did not have to take Jasper to only one vet. So he took a chance and went to the vet's office in town and talked to them about IMOM. After just a few minutes, the vet said that he wanted to do a little research because he had been burned by other organizations in the past. He called us back about an hour later and said he would do Jasper surgery with IMOM's promise to raise and pay the funds. I was in shock. I had selfishly been distancing myself from Jasper all day trying to make things easier on myself and preparing myself for my kids' reactions, while Jasper's dad had been preparing Jasper's final resting place in our back yard. And then to find out that Jasper still had a chance! It was almost unreal!

I could not believe that such a huge, life-saving decision could be made by total strangers so quickly! Jasper's new vet gave his approval just after 1:00 on Monday and by around 3:00, we had been approved by IMOM to raise funds for Jasper. Kyle had a thread opened on IMOM's website and a post on their facebook page very soon after. And within minutes of that happening, people were posting with warm wishes, prayers, and donations for Jasper. Always the pessimist, in the back of my mind, I just knew this was all going to fall apart at the last minute. I could not comprehend the thought of total strangers donating money to help a dog and a family they had never met. I have seen people take advantage of the kindness and/or desperation of others and I did not understand how IMOM could possibly be any different. Jasper's dad had done all the research and been in contact with Kyle from IMOM and was relaying everything to me. I was sure that there was some catch; there was probably some huge application fee or some hidden cost that we still wouldn't be able to afford.

I don't think that any of us, except Jasper, got much sleep Monday night. But on Tuesday morning, Jasper's dad told me that all funds had been raised for Jasper! So then we just had to wait until 8:00 for the vet to open. That was a long two hours. And it was almost as if Jasper knew something was happening. For the first time in days, he looked happy again. He was wagging his tail a lot more and he was just different. We took him to the vet at 8:00 and they did the surgery later that morning. We got the call that afternoon that he had made it through surgery ok and now we just had to wait. He had two holes in his intestines that had to be repaired and the vet wasn't sure how long the holes had been there so the risk for infection was quite high. We thought that Jasper had eaten his rope bone toy and that it had knotted up in his intestines. While this was true, that was not the worst part. When the vet tried to pull the ball of string out, it would not come. He pulled a little harder and noticed Jasper's tongue move. A piece of string had looped around the underneath side of his tongue before he swallowed. it.

The next few days we, were very anxious. But, again, we had the full support of IMOM. The members of IMOM prayed for Jasper and us in the days following his surgery and reassured us that everything would be fine. And they were right. One month later, Jasper is back to his pre-sickness weight and he is as healthy and happy as ever. And none of this would be possible without the quick actions of Kyle with IMOM and the generosity and kindness of all of IMOM's supporters. There were many people with their own sick animals praying for Jasper and supporting us. And I must say, that emotional support helped us through every bit as much as the financial support.

IMOM is a fantastic organization that saved our puppy's life! Their responses were so much faster than I could ever have imagined and the process was not really that difficult. It seemed daunting at first, but they provide step-by-step instructions to help you get through the process. In most organizations, the process of applying, being approved, and raising funds would take days, if not weeks to accomplish. IMOM's unpaid volunteers completed it in less than 24 hours!! And they were there to answer any question we had. We felt fully supported through out the whole process. They did not make us feel bad because we were asking for help and we could tell they truly cared about Jasper and his situation. If it were not for IMOM, we wouldn't have Jasper.

The first picture is Jasper right before his surgery. Then the day after his surgery. Then the day he came home. And then a picture we took of him today. The last picture is just to show how dire our situation was. And IMOM and all of it's angels saved the day!! We love you all and thank you all so very much for what you did for Jasper and our family!!!!






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Today is Jasper's birthday!! He is two years old now!! If it weren't for IMOM and all of our supporters, we would not be celebrating today. So thank you so much for everything, IMOM and angels!!! Merry Christmas!

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