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fundraising IDEA

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Hey...have you heard of hoarders? They tend to over shop and clutter their homes with stuff. If you volunteer to help them get rid of stuff for a good cause...you can get a bunch of stuff to sell at a yard sale. My friend helped clean out a storage shed of a clatterer and she made over $1,000 at the yard sale from stuff (most new never used) that she got.

Ask your vet if you can do a bake sale in front of their office. Put on your sign it is to help pay vet bills of loving animals whose owner has fallen on hard times. You get the ingredients to bake your sales by using coupons and shopping dollar stores and sales at discount stores....I got $300 of baking goods for $33.42 and netted $560 at the bake sale with lots left over to offer the vet office staff and take to church for refreshments on Sunday. I chose to sell on Saturday at the vet because people who work Mon - Fri tend to make appointments for Saturday. These people have income and pets and are most likely to buy homemade goodies for this charity. Also, others who come on Saturday are ones who have urgent need to see a vet and cannot wait for a regular appointment next week. These people understand unexpected expenses for a loving companion. I also have a big bowl of cool water for dogs..(on the ground not too close to the table of goodies). This brings people over, even if it is just that their dog wants a drink....then they see good tasty stuff to buy cheap.

Go to yard sales at the end of their day and ask for their left overs. Many will donate most of their left overs to a charity rather than bring it all back into the house. When you get enough left overs from others...mark down the prices on them and have your own sale...You can make big money this way for a little effort and if you advertise your yard sale in a way to bring people in. "Grandparents died...all must go" You are going to get a lot of people to show up looking for a variety of stuff cheap. At your yard sale point out it is for medical bills of a loving pet in need and have a donation jar too. Advertise your sale "free gift if you purchase more than $5" The free gift can be anything little you got cheap like at dollar store. I use tootsie pops for my free gift ...buy a big box from Costco and they end up being less than .10 cents each.

Sell baked goods at a spay/neuter clinic. Then be sure to advertise it is for medical bills of loving animal in distress. People come here to save money on their vet bills so they will be sympathetic and may buy a homemade brownie for a quarter. Also, at the spay/neuter clinic have a contest...whoever guesses the number of cat treats/dog treats in the jar will win it (closest without going over). Sell the guesses for 25 cents each or 5 for a dollar. I did this at my vet years ago with all proceeds to IMOM...in June I called it "who is your daddy?" and the winner got the treats plus a bag of food. I did it with both cat and dog and the winners got the jar of treats plus a bag of food. I don't remember how much I raised then but it paid for the bag of food and treats with leftover money for IMOM.

I have lots more ideas if anyone is interested.

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