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Halo 2002-2010

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Bobcat just called to let me know that he took Halo to the vet at 10:30 this morning and had her put to sleep.


He can't really talk about it right now, but I can only hope her passing was peaceful.


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I'm so very very sorry for you, Lisa, and for Bobcat. I know that had to be incredibly hard for him to do - and still 'the' most selfless and loving acts humanly possible - particularly given all the circumstances.


I know she is whole, healthy, playing and enjoying the sunshine at Rainbow Bridge. And, she will be giving you, and Bobcat a sign that she has arrived and is free from all pain, young again, and enjoying her play time, until it's time for y'all to meet again.

You may have seen this, but I wanted to share this with y'all:

Poem For Cats

And God asked the feline spirit

Are you ready to come home?

Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul

And, as a cat, you know I am most able

To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.

Soon, replied the whiskered angel

But I must come slowly

For my human friends are troubled

For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? asked God

That you'll never leave them?

That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?

That nothing is created or destroyed?

It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,

Replied the glorious cat

For I will whisper into their hearts

That I am always with them

I just am....forever and ever and ever.

Author Unknown

God's Speed Sweet Halo. . .Fly free sweet girl. May this help light your way ~ :animcnda_lg:

May Halo come to you and Bobcat in your dreams, and show each of you she is healthy and beautiful again. She is surrounded by so much love and light. Just remember, your beautiful Halo will always be with both, just be open and listen and watch for the signs !!!!!!

Holding you ALL very close in my heart, thoughts, and prayers ~ and sending you and Bobcat extra special :hugs: and MUCH MUCH LOVE,

now, always, and forever ~

Donna and 'The Bandit' :wub:


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Donna, I just wanted to tell you that that poem was really beautiful. It really pulled at my heart, and I just wanted you to know I really liked it

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I am so very sorry Lisa and Bobcat. My heart aches for u both.

:animcndc_sm: run, pounce and kiss the butterflies little Halo.

Hugs and Love,

Cindy, Tuck and Justice

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Lisa, Although the reason for your last posting in Cool Cat Chatter saddens me terribly, I think it speaks exactly to Halo's character and determination.

I picture her with a little satchel, filled with tasty treats and toys, heading down a path through wild flowers.

Enjoy this part of your journey, Halo. And remember how much momcat and dadcat loved you.

Edited by CatPaws

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We received Halo's ashes. Not sure yet whether we'll scatter them.

I glued a champagne cork to the top :D since one of Halo's favorite games was to bounce corks down the stairs. :D Along with the ashes was her paw impression.

Pepper is missing her buddy. We are all missing our sweet, gentle girl.

Bobcat commented last night that here we were surrounded by 4 kitties but there is a huge hole where the 5th used to be. :(



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What a beautiful memorial to Halo.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Lisa and Bobcat}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Sweet Halo ~ Happy 4th bridge day. We miss our gentle girl.

Everyone ~ If your pet is microchipped, please check the injection site every now and then for any lumps or bumps.

If you feel one, take your pet to the vet ASAP to have it checked out.

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Tuck just had his 6 month Bridge Day yesterday. I am sure Halo has been showing the ropes to Tuck. I'm thinking of u and Bobcat and Halo.

Great advice abt checking microchip sites.


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Happy 6th Bridge Day   We miss you so but are so glad your sick, tired body no longer holds you back.  

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