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Tammy L.

Trixie & Num-Nums got spayed

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Thanks to our donors who help the SN Program, 2 more little girls were spayed.

This what their mom Cheri sent us,

"I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation, and gratitude. Trixie and NumNums had their surgeries today, and they both came through it just fine. There was a complication with Trixie however. When they opened her up they discovered that although she was not pregnant, she had the beginnings of a very severe uterine infection-PYOMETRA. Her uterus was over twice its normal size as it was filled with infection and blood.

The vet said we are very fortunate that we caught in its early stages because he said if we'd waited even just two weeks longer, her uterus could have ruptured causing life-threatening and very expensive complications. By ensuring that we were able to proceed when we did, IMOM most definitely saved her life!"

This is why our SN program is here. We want to put a stop to these life-threatening and unnecessary diseases.

Tammy-IMOM :dal:

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