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Laura IMOM

Laura - June 2, 2006~May 15, 2009

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On May 15th my blind, Feline Leukemia kitty lost her fight, she was just shy of three years old. She was a beautiful little tortie girl we rescued from a local colony. My neighbor and I cleaned up the colony three summers ago, and my vet ended up taking two of the kittens with serious eye issues, one was Laura (she was named after me). In April "08", I learned she wasn't doing very well with my vets cats and ended up adopting her myself. She came to live with me in her own room, at the time I thought her only issue was blindness and I wanted to slowly let her learn my house, and meet my other blind cat (he can be a bit rough on newcomers).

Unfortunatley we found out that she was also FeLV positive, so we had to keep her in her own room, away from the other cats. She actually seemed very happy, she gained weight and her missing fur grew back. Towards the end of April 09 she started losing weight and acting sluggish....that was the beginning of the end, there is no treatment or cure for FeLV. We sadly let her go on May 15th, she was surrounded by people who loved her, including the vet that had cared for her the first two years of her short life.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.


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Laura: I am sorry for your loss.

Thank you and all the others who helped this little cat. Surrounded by love is a great way to go, and when the simple joys of life aren't there anymore, it's also the right time to go.

It's hard for those of us who stay behind. :animcndc_sm:

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Oh NO! Oh, Laura I am so sorry. I know how devastated u are.

I am so very glad that "furry" Laura had u as her mum the last year of her life--and that u rescued her and she had ur vet as a mum the first 2 years of her life.

Many people came together to give furry Laura a life with love, and a home off the street. She is a special angel...as are u for being the bestest thing that ever happened to her.

I am heartbroken for u. :broken_heart:

:animcndc_sm: Fly free sweet, brave Laura.


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