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boiled meat with rice for dogs

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When Synderyella's cancer came back she wouldn't eat. The cancer is all over her liver so the vet said there is nothing more that can be done. She has no pain, no nausea, no diarrhea but just didn't want to eat. A B-12 shot and some prednisone have helped her appetite but this recipe really has been great. It can also be used for dogs with diarrhea. I cook up a whole lot and freeze it in individual portions so I can thaw a couple servings each day.

Boil ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef, pork, etc) in big pan of water with white rice. When meat is browned and rice is tender..put the whole pot into the fridge. The fat will rise to the top and harden to a solid form; THEN --- Scoop off the fat and throw it away. Drain the broth from rice and meat. Serve rice and meat to the dog in portions appropriate for dog's weight/size. Chicken is the easiest digestible and is especially good with rice when dogs have intestinal upset.

My Synderyella is loving this special food now. When she puts her head on my lap and wags her tail...I wonder if she knows she is dying. I cherish every moment I have with her now...knowing at any moment I will have to put her down when her quality of life is taken by the cancer. This is probably not a new recipe but my brother said he never heard of boiling ground beef...so it made me think of posting and sharing it here.


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Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I live in a household with 4 humans and 5 mini schnauzers (mine are Tucker and Justice-PIN's here). Tucker's dad, Gunner, has a severe heart issue, and is not wanting to eat. Nancy (his mom) has been trying many different foods, but always comes back to feeding ground beef and rice--but she is cooking them separately. I think the way it is cooked in ur recipe will be even more tasty.

I have Snyderyella in my thoughts and prayers. I am so very sorry that the docs feel there is nothing else to do...but I am grateful that she has no pain, nausea, etc. That is a blessing.

What a beautiful pupper.

Cherish every moment... live in the now with her--not the future...



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That sounds so good I'm going to make some for my black lab he is going to love it! Thank you so much for posting your recipe!!!! :banana:

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In general, the 'boiled meat + rice' diet is really a short term diet for most, as it doesn't have the vitamins/minerals required in the longer term.

However, I've also nursed my own pups through cancer/chronic disease, and 'comfort over cure' (palliation) is important, valid, and vital - and I've used some interesting feeding strategies that aren't traditional, either.

I might discuss (with your clinic) the possibility of adding a good quality multi vitamin designed for senior animals (at the recommended daily dose) to ensure that those trace nutrients aren't being missed (but, given your situation, I'd not make her miserable if they don't 'set right' with her, either).

Quality of life is vital in this situation.

However, I'd not put (an otherwise healthy) dog on this diet long term- they DO love it, but kids love Lucky Charms, too! lol- and the vitamin/mineral paucity is problematic long term, and I'm not confident that the multi-vitamin alone can make up the difference.

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A Prayer for Synderyella

Heavenly Father,

Please help us in our time of need,

You have made us stewards of Synderyella,

If it is Your will, let her be at peace.

I pray too for other animals in need.

May they be treated with the care and respect

deserving of all Your creation.

Blessed are You Lord God,

and holy is Your name for ever and ever

She is in my families thoughts and prayers.


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Here is a long term recipe using boiled meat veggies and rice. my friends feed all there dogs this recipe everyday and there dogs are very healthy and have not had dental problems with any of there dogs. They have large hound dogs, Labs and even a poodle and they all eat this recipe. They have even fed it to there cats as well but they add tuna sometime for the cats.

2 Gallon Water ** Feed 1 cup for every 8lbs of prefered weight for the dog.

4 lbs. ground Turkey, beef or chicken

1 lb dry lentils

1 lb dry split peas

3 lb frozen peas&carrots

3 lb frozen green beans

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon salt

Add all ingredients agove to a large pot bring to boil add 5lbs rice and bring to boil again for about 5-10 min. then turn off and put on lid and let cool. Divide into meal size servings and freeze.

My dogs love this food I usually make this about every 2 weeks you, can divide and make in smaller batches.

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Sent this to my mom, who cooks for her dogs...Thanks for the recipe, and I hope Lucy is leaping around like a puppy. :)

Judy G.

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