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So...Do dogs eat grass to make themselves sick, or get sick because the eat grass for another reason?

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See dogs do this occasionally.. and was just wondering... Do dogs eat grass to intentionally make themselves get sick because they have an upset tummy or another reason.... or do the eat grass for some unrelated reason, and get sick as a side consequence? just interested in others thoughts? I've always wondered


(Mom to Nikita, Rottweiler who is AFR awaiting surgery)


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I don't think even vets can agree on why they do it. You'll get varying opinions each one that you talk to ... and "studies" or reports are equally as vague.

Personally, my labradorks graze on grass all the time and rarely do they get sick. So I'm not sure what the deal is.

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yeh... Nikita does too... sometimes she gets sick other times not... when she does, it's just the grass that comes back up...

Have a happy Easter!!!

Shawn & all

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