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althea and snoop

What I learned from an old shelter cat

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This is Snoopy's legacy and his gift to me:

What I learned from an old shelter cat

Keep your heart open for when love comes your way.

Live in the moment. Cherish every day.

Time only moves forward, and flies by so fast,

so don't carry the burdens and wounds of the past.

If you receive comfort in big things or small,

Accept it, enjoy it, be grateful, that's all!

Be bold and be brave and you'll have no regrets

but most of all, take all the naps you can get!

(to read more of Snoopy's story visit: http://www.freewebs.com/catnap_creations/ )

Edited by althea and snoop

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Hi Althea, it's great to see you back on IMOM. Snoopy was such a special boy; he'll always hold a special place in my heart -- thank you for taking this "old shelter cat" into your home and making such a wonderful place for him.

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Thanks Kay!! good to see you!! I fixed the link in my post, for some reason it wasn't working.

I really think I was the lucky one, to have found Snoopy and to have had the honor to care for him. I need to work on his site, but everytime I go thru the photos and stories I have, I get too emotional and need to take a break. Hard to believe he's been gone four years.

I did adopt another older shelter cat, hadn't really planned to, but she insisted!! Her name is Raven. She's all black and like most black cats, has a unique purrsonality! They called her a "chubby grumpy ol girl" at the shelter, many of the volunteers were afraid of her. (I did NOT know this when I adopted her LOL) Not sure of her age, somewhere in the early teens, is my guess.

One of the volunteers was very fond of her, and even wanted to adopt her, but her husband said they had too many pets already. This volunteer has come to visit her twice! which is really super- I'm so glad she had someone special at the shelter looking out for her, she was there for four months before I adopted her.


And she's not really *that* grumpy, she just knows what she wants- and doesn't want. Unfortunately, she doesn't warn you when you've pushed her too far, so I have to let the vet and vet techs know that.

Fortunately, however, she'll put up with a LOT *and* she has learned that there is a treat after medication or ear cleaning or nail clipping, and she is a girl who LOVES to eat, so that helps :)

She's got a crumpled up ear from untreated ear mites that needs special care, and she has food allergies and asthma; nothing we can't handle.

I'm blessed to have her in my life, as well. I have a nice feline family of three now, and they will probably be "it" for the rest of my life, as I'm getting older and want to be sure I'm around for all my "kids". My youngest is soon to be 7.

Who is in your family now?

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