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Sarah C.

Daisy Mae,7-year-old Basset Hound

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Treatment: Daisy Mae has lymphoma. She has had 3 treatments in a 25-week protocol and Kelly ran out of funds.

From Daisy Mae's MBF Page:

Last week our little Daisy Mae started acted funny. Tired, eyes watering, running into the walls, doors etc. Friday, May 23rd 2008, I took her to her Vet [Hollis, New Albany, IN.] and she said Daisy Mae was very, very, sick. She was running a 102.7 fever. Lymph nodes and spleen was enlarged. We rushed her to Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services, where we heard the devastating news that our little Daisy Mae has lymphoma. The specialists said that Daisy Mae was in great health except for the cancer. The doctors believe she has a great chance of fighting the cancer with continued treatments.

Daisy's family will pay $100 toward each treatment for 22 weeks. With your help, MBF will pay the balance.

Financials from The Magic Bullet Fund to date:



6/9 460.00

6/16 60.00

6/23 35.00

6/30 60.00

7/7 250.00

7/14 60.00

7/21 35.00

7/28 60.00

8/4 250.00

8/11 60.00

8/18 30.00

8/25 60.00

IMOM Contact: Sarah Rutledge

To read more about her visit her page at click here.

Please understand that we are not accepting direct donations at IMOM for her. To make a donation to Daisy Mae please click here.

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Kelly, welcome to IMOM! This organization is extremely generous to allow the Magic Bullet Fund to have a spot in their community. Now you have two organizations working to help your beautiful Daisy Mae!

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Daisy Mae's mom decided she could handle paying for the treatment on her own. We wish Daisy Mae the very best.

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