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Tails of Devotion

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"If you and your animals could communicate via paper, what would you say to each other?" Emily Scott Pottruck asked the above question to pet lovers both famous and everyday which she compiled in 'Tails of Devotion', a paper testament to the inexorable bonds between humans and animals. we love that 100% of the proceeds are being donated to animal welfare nonprofits.

Learn more about the book, "Tails of Devotion"


My Tail of Devotion for Nük/Anük

May 9th 2008 12:57 am


My handsome, clever one. Even your name is the combination of 3 different words.

A (ah) for my startled exclamation "ah"

Ну (new) for "well"

Тук-Тук (tewk-tewk) for "knock knock"

...Like how the jokes starts -Тук-тук. Кто там? "Knock knock. Who's there?" Except the words just jumbled rushed from my lips when you ran out at me. After we recovered from scaring each other I softly repeated 'Anuk' to you. You must have liked the sound because you drew nearer to my hand. You learned your name that first night.

That first bump of your head against me told me you had chosen me. Your body told me of your need. We took you in. An unprecedented decision, in 15 years here no 'stray' ever had affected us so. We hurried to get you your vet appointment. To get your health checked and tested, your worms found and cured and your neutering done. No one before us had provided you these things. Sadly noone ever stepped forward to 'claim you' either. We were yours and you were ours (but that you had already decided for yourself)

You were so wild. Remember the controlled 'times' feedings? You would eat as if "you never knew when you would see food again."

It was my joy to watch that attitude turn to "trusting that your food would always be regularly provided for you."

Your 'petting induced agression' told me that you were not accustomed to human hands touching you much. Again it was my joy and my pleasure to watch you get accustomed to this on your terms, so much so, that you would seek out my attention specifically to stroke you, flopping over on your back exposing your belly for rubs.

You learned that feline claws must be retracted when touching bare humans, for human skin is soft and tears easily. After nearly biting off my fingers, you learned too to take food or treats gently and softly from my hands.

How easily you learned such lessons, how fast.

When you first slept cuddled next to my body and laid your head in my hand I marvelled at the weight of it, the warmth of it and the trust and love that passes between us.

My heart wildly flutters everytime I see you. As always I'm touched by the intelligence, liveliness, and love in your eyes when we exchange looks.

No matter how long our time is together to walk through the earthly life with each other, I know for me, it will never be long enough. It is my deepest promise to you to not only provide you with home, health and love, but to celebrate each of our days together. Know that with each day, I can only love you more.

Yes my dear Nük.

"You are my cat and I am your person - and we to each other belong. Not in any *owned* way, but in a way that's bound purely by love. It is not I who improved your life, but you who have improved mine."

Edited by Anuk

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