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My Discription of Life

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:pp_animal_568: To all those who care, who gave donation, prayed and support us through Pacer's heartbreaking ordeal, let me tell you about our Pacer.

At 12:50 p.m. Feb 18, 2008, Pacer Hornsby passed away after undergoing surgery to repair a diaphramatic hernia. He passed while the doctors were closing the incision after making it through the surgery successfully. Pacer had a hole in his diaphram that you could put a baseball through. His liver had grown through the hole and looked as if someone had put a rubberband around their finger and left it there. It was twice as large as it should be. The intestines were also involved. Three doctors and 2 vet techs worked on him for well over an hour, but eventually lost him.

Pacer was a rescue from the Animal Shelter here in town. He was 8 weeks old when we got him and he was terrified of everything, especially cars. We later learned that he had been thrown out of a car. He was found at the intersection of a major highway and a rural road.

Since we had recently lost a very loving, beautiful Chow/Wolf mix named Harley, I did not want another dog that reminded me of him. So I went to the Animal Shelter looking for a very happy, bouncy puppy to join our family. What I found was a scared pup that climbed up on my shoulder, just like Harley had done when I rescued him from the same shelter 8 years before. I quickly fell in love with him and he became the center of attention around our family. As he grew up, he seemed to know when something was wrong with one of the family. He always stayed right beside the ill person. One day, while at a garage sale, I fell and broke my leg. When I came home, I slept in the recliner because it was much easier for me. Every night, Angel Cotton would sleep on one cornor of the chair and Angel Pacer would sleep beside me in the chair. He was less than a year old when this happened. He was so amazing.

More recently, he had gotten where he like to sit in my husband's lap when he was trying to read the paper. Angel Pacer would jump up and stand in his lap until Bert told him to lie down. Then he would stay there until I was ready to go to bed. At that time he would get in bed with me and curl up right where my feet should go. It became a routine that we joked about all the time.

We have another dog, a 12 year old Golden Retriever named Daisy, who is semi blind, has arthritis, and a skin condition that causes her to scratch all the time and lose hair. She had become afraid of the steps on our pourch. Pacer would go outside with her everytime she need to go and guide her up and down the steps. He loved her so much, she was llike a mom to him. Recently, I was given the opportunity to adopt a full blood Black and Tan Hound from a local rescue group. When I brought Lindy home, Pacer took to her like she had always been in the family. Soon they were best friends. Lindy is now looking all over the house for him. I talked to her, and I know she knows he won't be back, but I wish I could tell her in a way that she would understand. I wish I were a "dog whisperer".

This was the most incredible dog I have ever had. Aside from being the sweetest and most lovable, he was also pretty, in a kind of unusual way. It was very obvious that one of his parents was a German Sheppard, but the other, that was another story. You see, he had long, slightly floppy jaws and short ears that flopped over. One of the vet techs thought that he might have some Charpei in him. I often thought he might have some Hound in him, but to make it all real funny, he had a totally black mouth and tongue, pointing to a Chow. We will never know, but this is what made him so cute and lovable. And of course, those big brown eyes that could go though you like a dager. But he never used them in any way other than to melt you into a pile of blubber, then he always got exactly what he wanted.

Since he had been sick, it was noticable that he wasn't feeling well, but he never stopped doing what he always did. It was as if he knew that this was his job. His job, being the protector of our family, that is exactly what he was. With our other 3 dogs, and my daughter's 2 dogs in a kennel right beside our house, Pacer, the youngest of them all, had to be the MAN of the family, the protector.

I am sorry that this is so long, but I just had to tell you what Pacer was really like. He was the most wonderful, loving, caring, sweet, affectionate dog in the world. He was never referred to as a "dog", but rather a "child". I don't think he had any idea that he was actually a "dog", he sure wasn't treated like one. He never spent a night outside, or was forced to stay outside when we were not at home. He ate people food as much as possible in combination with very good dog food. I tried to do everything I could think of to make him happy. Why didn't I notice this and be more aggressive about the treatment he was receiving? There is no way to know, and no use beating myself up over it. Learn from your mistakes and go on. But this was the ultimate lesson. Maybe we couldn't have done anything, maybe we could have, we will never know. But the one thing I do know is that without the help of so many generous people, their prayers and their love, he would never have had any chance at all. Thank you for all your help and support

:spotMy love to everyone involved with this wonderful group..Thank you, again.

Sandy, Bert and the Gang :spot

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My heart goes out to you and your family. Pacer truly was special and now he is at peace and running free.

Rest in Peace little angel.

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