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Jacki IMOM

Zoom Manly

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Zoom is such a sweetie!! I have been reading your thread trying to "catch up"....

Your stories are soo sweet and cute!! I loved reading them. You'll have to take a pic of Zoom rolling in the leaves...what a cute image that makes!!

Layla loves her toys too...she carries them around everywhere she goes too and when someone stops to visit..she brings it to them and drops it in their lap...:lol:

How is Zoom feeling today? Enjoying the cooler weather and the leaves still??

Sending hugs and love...

Gabrielle, Layla, Regal Nefertiti

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Hi everyone! I've been having computer problems here and other night our power

went out here - so at last here I am. I am still trying to get a computer I can use

from home which would make it so much easier to keep in touch. Using public

computers, sometimes there's not always one available - and there have been days I've waited to use one and have had to return later and still not one available. So I guess I'm not the only one dealing with that!

Anyway, Zoom's doing really well I think - although I've begun the search for a new vet to take care of her "regular" care - Most are a distance from where I am but a friend recommended one that I am going to see if will agree to IMOM 3rd

party billing.

Thanks Tracy, Gabrielle, Layla & Regal Nefertiti for the posts. It's so nice to hear from you all out there - especially when it's people who really know what you're

going through! Loved that your pets love the toys as much as Zoom does....If I

answer my door, Zoom will run back in the house and start dragging her toys

out to the door to show whoever it is at the door! I'm glad they enjoy them so

much - god bless the $ store!

Talk about coincidence & god bless, I was praying with someone just last night

- we just use first names - have never met - and all of a sudden this other person goes "are you Susan with a dog named Zoom?" I said yes - well apparently,

this was a person I had prayed with when Zoom was quite ill and I had also told her about IMOM(and we prayed for you all!) and she said: "oh, I checked out that

website and have followed Zoom's case (& am sure others too) and that's a wonderful organization. She was so impressed, told her daughter about it and she

felt the same way, and they donated to IMOM! Don't know if it was Zoom's fund -

told her donations were anonymous to us - but thanked her for helping out IMOM.

So you never know the peopole you touch - thank you & Bless you Frances and

daughter!! :thanks3::thanks3::thanks3:

and thank you imom and all of the angels out there and Zoom's sponsors. I

thank you all everyday for being there!

Well, that's about all for now - hope all of you and your furry ones are doing well.

Until next time,


Susan & Zoom

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Susan, enjoyed reading about Zoom rolling in the leaves. Will keep Zoom in my thoughts & prayers for continued health & wellbeing & keeping that diabetes under control.

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Hi everyone - just checking in to say Hi - Hope all's well with you out there.

I've been vet shopping for Zoom for a Doctor who would accept IMOM's 3rd party

billing - hopefully I've found one - they're about an hour away from where I am

but sound really nice and have worked with IMOM before. Spoke with them this

past Monday ll/6 as to what was going on with Zoom and they were faxing an

est imate to Renee@dpf fund so I hope to get a green light to bring in Zoom for

a recheck on her diabetes and bacterial infection she is still dealing with from the

hospital. I don't want her backtracking and with the holidays coming want her

feeling her best - as it's such a miracle I still have her this holiday season!

Glad you all enjoyed the stories of Zoom's rolling around in the leaves - it's amazing how she'll do this right after I've washed her and made her all pretty.

Just jumps right in and starts rolling!! I'm hoping to get some cute pix of her

over the holidays - and will send them in again, although I've sent in several of her

quite some time ago and they've never been put up on her page - I would love to have you all see what she looks like, especially her kind-hearted sponsors! :heart::heart:

Well, hopefully this holiday season will do the trick!

That's really about all for now - busy trying to get ready for holidays! All the

best to you all - until next time,


Susan & Zoom

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Just a quick note - I can't believe I just heard IMOM still hasn't heard from the

new vet I spoke to last week. Said was faxing estimate to them that day (ll/6) -

I'm calling later today to find out what happened. Here I thought I found some

one who was willing to do 3rd party billing with IMOM.

Zoom definitely needs followup for diabetes and still has remnants of bacterial

infection going on. Am getting concerned - I was hoping to get her in there

this week.

Trying to get ready for the holidays too - hope all of you are doing ok - Zoom

sends hugs to you all - & is so thankful for her generous sponsors!!! :thanks3:

Till next time -


Susan & Zoom

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Hi everyone - how are you all doing? The holidays sure are here already - have

been busy trying to get ready for them. Zoom is afraid of the vacum and goes

hiding under the bed as soon as she sees it coming out of the closet - well she 's

had a double whammy because I've been cleaning my carpets this past week and

to her that machine is just another vacum cleaner! Poor thing - had everything up

off the floor this past week - her bed, toy baskets, etc. --- wouldn't leave a room

without a toy in her mouth. Well almost done - next the decorations - I LOVE the

holidays - whatever anyone's celebrating - and so does Zoom, she does enjoy her

presents! Last month - I "splurged" on her XMas outfit - reduced on clearance to

$3 - perfect price-range, but it's adorable. It's like a sleeveless T-Shirt(they call it a doggie dress!)- in a pretty red t-shirt material with beige trim around neck & legs; them down center of back is a wide beige satin ribbon with little embroidered edges along each side of ribbon, and then little white pearls about every inch or so to the botton of the shirt. 3/4 of the way down on either side of the beige ribbon are "mock" beige pockets with a matching white pearl in the center. I thought it was so cute .....the dog will be better dressed for the holidays than I will!

And don't you know as soon as I came home with it and showed it to her ---she just sniffing at it and wagging her tail ...she "knew" it was hers!

Just found out Zoom's appt. with new vet has been approved - Yeah! I'm going to

call tomorrow and hope I can get her in to be rechecked - with the holiday this

week - may not be until next week - but will let you know. I'm so relieved the

appt. has been approved. Thank you sponsors!!!!!!

Well until next time - Zoom & I wish you a blest, happy, healthy & safe holiday

this week. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!

(Can't get smiles/icons to work! ..this computer is terrrible!)



Susan & Zoom

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Hi Susan, so glad that you have found a vet for Zoom. I know you have worked very hard on this, and sure hope you and Zoom like the new vet -- and, of course, that the report from the vet is good and that the bacterial infection can get fixed up once and for all. The doggie dress sounds absolutely adorable -- and I am sure Miss Zoom knows that it is for her. If there is any way you can get a photo, we would love to see it. My cats feel the same way that Zoom does about the vacuum.. I feel like this big ogre person when I bring it out, but the carpet does have to be cleaned. They recover, though, but boy they can scatter quickly when it comes out. I always try to make sure none of them are "trapped" in a room. I guess it's that their hearing is so much better than ours, but I've never heard a good explanation, but I sure know they don't like it. Hope you have a very good thanksgiving day!

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Susan, hope you & Zoom had a happy Thanksgiving. Hope we can see a picture of Zoom in her new dress & that the appointment with the new vet goes well.

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Hi all - hope you are recovering from Thanksgiiving and all had a great holiday.

It was a quiet one for Zoom and I - but a nice one.

Thanks Carol and Kay for your posts. I will try to get some pictures of Zoom

in her XMas dress and send them in. I wilsh I had a computer with scanner where I could do it myself. I would love for you all to see her - I have sent

several in rto IMOM in the past and I don't know why they haven't been put up

on Zoom's page. I hope maybe for the holidays - I would like Zoom's sponsors especially to see her!

Zoom goes to new vet this Thursday - fingerscrossed for a good report - and an

end put to bacterial infection.

Will let you know how it goes - hope all is well with everyone and fuirryones



Susan & Zoom

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Howdy everyone - just checking in to see how you are doing!

Went to new vets this past Thursday with "Miss Zoom" - they were all very nice.

Quite a large place which I wasn't expecting, but staff and vet couldn't have been

more accomodating. Took about an hour & half to get there and wouldn't you know on the way Zoom starts dry-heaving and throwing up! I couldn't believe it -

she hasn't had an episode since the summer and you can imagine I was a wreck

at this point - in an area I don't know - trying to find my way - and poor Zoom

throwing up. Timing was perfect - she had stopped by the time we got there.

Vet didn't seem too concerned as she wasn't doing this when we got there. (I was

in flashback mode tho of most of '06 with Zoom! Zoom's mom is still recovering

from everything this year!) But she's fine and hasn't happened since!

The vet confirmed infection in her eyes and ears so she has meds for that and

unfortunately since she piddled as soon as we got there, couldn't get another

sample before we left vet so I'll be bringing one back this week for testing to see

if she has a urinary tract infection. Says they can be frequent with diabetics???

Feedback anyone? :feedback: He also did some bloodwork and I probably won't know on that until this week as well. But he felt she was regulated with what

I described ......YEAH! :claphands::happydance:

Zoom did "christen" her holiday/XMas Dress for her vet visit. Vet commented ...

so you wanted to make sure she'd make a good impression! Everyone loved it

...technicians & office staff commented on it. And of course ....Zoom loved all

the praise! She did look too cute ......will try and get a picture of her in it to

IMOM over holidays.

Kay, got a kick out of your post about your cat and the vacuum - Zoom likes

cats -they could be friends! It's, unfortunately, other dogs she still has a problem

with ....because she was attacked several times as a puppy. I wish I could afford

lessons for her to get over that but all my inquires have come back with really

expensive sessions. Again, thanks Kay & Carol for your recent posts.

And thank you Zoom's sponsors .....I can't tell you how much I appreciate you

caring about Zoom. It was such a relief too, to get her looked & rechecked at the

vet this last week. THANK YOU SPONSORS and all of you at IMOM & friends out

there who have been kind enough to donate to Zoom fund and care about Zoom.

We BOTH appreciate it! :thanks3::thanks3::thanks3:

Well, that's about all now ...things are getting busy with the holidays ...hope to get

my tree up this week ...(thought that was happening last week!). Anyway, my

best to you all out there and until next time,


Susan & Zoom

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Hi Susan,

I am so glad things went well with the new vet. It is true that diabetics are prone to stubborn urinary infections. My diabetic cat had them frequently. It has to do with the higher sugar levels in the urine - guess bacteria like that. I hope that Zoom's skin and other problems clear up nicely with treatment.

Zoom's Christmas dress sounds so pretty! I too would love to see a picture of her in it. Please give her a kiss from me.

Leslie :whitekitty::eight:

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Hi everyone out there! Hope you and yours and furry ones are doing ok!

Zoom seems to be responding well to the meds the vet gave her last week.

Her eyes are starting to look nice and clear....even with the ointment in them, and

her ears are clearing up well too. The meds they gave her for her ears makes her

fur all "oily" but hopefully this will do the trick! Will be nice to have her looking

pretty again ...especially for the holidays. I hope to have her picture taken with

Santa again this year ....silly, I know, but usually fun and proceeds go to pet

charities. Tried to set something up with IMOM benefiting but they already had a

local charity doing it. Anyway, a nice win/win situation.

I have to bring back a urine sample this week and based on the results of whatever tests they will do on that ... vet will decide if we increase her insulin or

not. Her other bloodwork came back ok .... so that was good news. :claphands::claphands::claphands:

Thanks Leslie for your post ..... I'm hoping she won't have to be put on more meds, but if she does have infection .... probably ...at least temporarily. It'll

be nice to have her 100% for the holidays. Every time I think of what she went

through this last year, it's really a miracle she is still here with me!! I am so

grateful for all of you out there, Zoom's sponsors and donors and all of you with

IMOM .... Zoom would not be here without your help.


That's really about all for now .....all the best to everyone, until next time,



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Hi all! Hope everyone and furry ones are doing well.

Thanks Carol for your post! It's so nice to hear from people out there!

Well,......update on Zoom. Had to return to vets with urine sample which I finally

got to do F;riday.....the last week or so everyday I had planned to go back something came up and couldn't go....it's a 3hr. roundtrip drive for me from where

I am....anyway. When I got home last nite at about llpm the vet had already called with results of urine sample ...that with results of other bloodwork he had

done feels Zoom is not as regulated as originally thought and is increasing her

insulin another 2 units per day. It kind of scared me when I heard who was

calling on my machine but at same time impressed with the "service". Didn't

sound overly concerned and said to check with him in about a week to see if

we see any difference in Zoom. Sooooooo. ......Zoom's much better ....but

not where I hope she will be soon!

She's really perplexes me ...she can go from wanting to eat anything that isn't

nailed down (including things she would never eat before or liked) or as tonite

when we got home ....her dinner she wouldn't touch, even tho I knew she was

hungry, ...sat there begging with pathetic poodle eyes while I ate my sandwich ...

and even with hand-feeding would not eat her dinner.... with continued attention

she finally ate her dinner and I could give her the insulin shot. She certainly

needed to put back on weight after her ordeal this last year but I don't want her

to become overweight with all her eating. I leave out kibble for her all the time

and vet said I should do this in case her blood sugar goes low. I did this all the

time before the diabetes .....she just wasn't eating like she is now. I'm probably

just worrying too much .... like I said, Zoom may be doing alot better than she

was ...I haven't recovered from it yet!

Anyway, thank you Zoom's sponsors and donors for making Zoom's care possible.

She and I both send you great big Zoom Hugs!!!!! Thank you all at IMOM too and

everyone out there just rooting for Zoom, please know I feel the same way about

you and your beloved pets! :thanks3:

Well, that's about all for now .....will let you know anymore news ....hope you all

are enjoying the holidays....till next time,


Susan & Zoom

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I can't believe I was just proofreading my post for you and the entire thing

just disappeared. I don't know why that happens, all of a sudden a little timer

thing appeared and it was gone. Ahhhhhh, and I was all finished.

Well, Zoom I think still needs another increase in her insulin. The vet wanted

me to check in with him the end of this week after she's been on this last increase.

I don't think it had much of an effect.... she's still urinating alot. I've watched her

more closely this week and my vote would be for another increase in her insulin.

She seems to have responded well to meds for eyes and ears ...finished giving her

those....so far, no more discharge ... or smells. Hopefully, we'll get her insulin

straightened out soon.

Went last weekend to get Zoom's pictures with Santa. She looked adorable ....wore her new XMas "dress"! Santa & staff loved it! Such a nice

thing they do, is half of the proceeds are given to a local humane society. Makes

it even more enjoyable to do, plus having the great memories with the pictures!

Again, I wanted to thank Zoom's sponsors for helping with her care .....please

know how much I appreciate you caring about Zoom. I'm looking at her this

Christmas and am so grateful she is here for another year ....how close I was

to not having her with me this Holiday Season! Thank you all so much! Zoom and

I want to wish her Sponsors, Donors, IMOM Staff, "Angels" and all affiliated caring

hearts out there a Beautiful Holiday Season....whatever you may be celebrating ....

may it be Happy, Healthy, and filled with many "granted wishes" and blessings!



Susan & Zoom

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Oh, I bet Zoom was absolutely adorable in her photo with Santa! I hope when you talk to the vet this week, he can provide some help -- glad the meds have helped with the other problems. We want to be sure that Zoom keeps on zoomin' :-) Hugs to your special girl...

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Just a brief note, was able to get on line ....on my way home from church on

Christmas Eve! A Christmas miracle!

Vet put Zoom on antibiotics for urinary tract infection .....hope this helps. Just

started them Fri. eve. ...step by step, she's getting better. We'll get there yet.

A blessed Holiday everyone - big Zoom hugs to everyone from us both!


Susan & Zoom


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Hello everyone out there .........hope your holidays have been enjoyable and you

are getting ready for welcoming in 2007 tomorrow night! They certainly have

flown by!

Zoom seems to be doing better with the antibiotics ....she just started her second

week of them so we'll see how it goes. She's had less accidents and less

urgency to go which she has right after eating and drinking ....so I hope I will

continue to see a difference through the completion of the antibiotics. Otherwise,

she's enjoyed the holidays and special treats and gifts, etc. .....that's my girl!

A friend of mine is going to try and send Zoom's pictures through equipment she

has at work....plus she has a digital camera. We were getting together over the

holidays and unfortunately her little dog got sick on XMas Day and within days

was very ill. She rushed him to the vets and they found a large mass and he was

already in renal failure. He just turned 14 and she did not want to put him through

chemo ....unfortunately he was put to sleep yesterday. My heart is breaking for her ...she loved that little dog so much and doesn't have other pets (very much like Zoom & I!). He went everywhere with her and was a great comfort to me this past year when Zoom was so sick ...... he "knew" something was wrong. I've been praying for her since I heard the news. She was fortunate to get a really compassionate vet to come to her home so "Lucky Dog" (he was a rescue!) could be with his toys and comfortable. I know the angels were there with all of them .....and I will keep them all in my prayers.

Zoom & I are just having a friend or two over for New Year's Eve .... and I'm

fixing a late dinner and we'll hopefully watch "the ball" drop and welcome in 2007!

Hope you all have an enjoyable time too. Until next time .........talk to you

next year!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone.......may we all have a prosperous and happy and

healthy 2007!


Susan & Zoom

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Hi all! Happy New Year! Hope everyone's holidays were great and furry ones

are all doing well too!

Zoom seems to have responded to the Anti-biotics for urinary tract infection -

I've noticed a reduction of accidents. Only has them en-route to going....but

now there is a difference. May have to bring in another urinalysis for vet - she

has just finished last of anti-biotics and will speak with him again next week.

Not much else is going on. My friend that lost her dog over Holidays came over

for New Year's Eve dinner ...both of us are upset at her loss, but the evening

actually was a pleasant one. Other guests canceled at last minute but I was cele-

brating and helping my other friend no matter what and things worked out and

didn't burn dinner! Zoom was really great with her too ...... definitely "knew" something was wrong ....wanted to sit on my friends lap alot and give alot of

Zoom hugs! This was the former neighbor that went bacK & forth with me to

the vets on emergencies when Zoom was so ill last year. I do believe animals

remember! She wouldn't let my friend out of her sight ....even followed her to the

bathroom....she usually just does that with me! I'm so glad Zoom just sensed

the extra hugs were really needed for her. :heart:

Also, Zoom & I celebrated my birthday on the 3rd .....the years are definitely

going by too quickly! Well, that's about all for now ....hope Zoom's sponsors know

how much Zoom & I appreciate them being there. I thought about that almost every time I looked at Zoom over the holidays and feel so blest to still have her

with me. Thank you, Sponsors-Angels-Donors- & IMOM! :thanks3:

Till next time,


Susan & Zoom

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Hi everyone! Hope everyone is okay and all your furry ones are doing well


Nothing much new - Zoom's finished her antibiotics and they seemed to have

helped. I'm giving it a week to see how much of a "difference" there is before

speaking to vet. They may have to do another urinalysis. Otherwise, she

seems fine. Unbelievable appetite - but after her not eating anything for so

long I hesitate to complain about that and vet didn't seemed concerned as he

thought her blood levels were good.

Anyway, hugs to you all - sponsors, donors, all at IMOM ....and caring hearts.

Positive thoughts to you and hope life is being kind to you all.

Until next time,


Susan & Zoom

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Hi everyone - hope all's ok out there. Cold weather has really started to hit

here today and boy do Zoom & I want the 50/60 degree weather back!

Zoom is doing well. I think the antibiotics have made a difference. She may

have to go back to vet for recheck, but otherwise is doing well. Skin infection

seems to have cleared up ...altho I hesitate to say this after the last year! But

her appetite is good ...in fact I've never seen her eat so much! The vet didn't

seem worried about that. So hopefully all's well!

Not really much new ....which in a way as long as there's no bad news...consider

it a blessing. So until next time, big Zoom hugs to all !


Susan & Zoom

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Hi Susan! a rather belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I so agree with you, they do seem to come around awfully fast these days. Glad this Miss Zoom is doing well and sure hope that skin infection stays away. It is so sweet that she knew your friend was grieving, but we already knew what a sweetheart she is :)

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Hi everyone! Things here are going pretty well ....not much new.

Zoom seems to still be doing well after finishing anti-biotics and her skin looks

good. Fussed when I was grooming her ears the other night though ....which oddly enough is the one thing she doesn't fuss at when I groom her.....I usually feel like I could use Hulk Hogan to hold onto her when I groom everything else, (you'd never think she's just a 10 pound poodle!); but her ears, she usually just lets me do what needs to be done. Ever since the infection, she's sensitive with them. Although they look ok to me ...and no secretions or odors coming out of them, but I think I'll mention it to the vet next time. Otherwise, she seems ok ...eating up a storm and not thrilled with the cold weather that has finally arrived here ....but neither am I!

Kay, thanks for you're post and my Birthday Greetings! Zoom sends great big

Zoom hugs too!

Well, that's really all for now - hope all your furry ones are doing well too. All

our best to Zoom's Sponsors .....you're in my prayers everyday for your kindness

for Zoom!

Until next time -


Susan & Zoom

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Hi Susan, I am so happy to hear that Zoom's skin problems have cleared up. Asking about the ear issue is a good idea, but sometimes they do get some associations in their heads that aren't rational -- so hopefully it will turn out to be a short-term thing. My Mugsy sends his best to Zoom -- he is our "zoom" kitty, and every morning when he starts zooming I think of your precious puppy -- and that commercial with the song, "zoom, zoom, zoom..."

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Thanks Kay for your post. I think it's so funny about your Mugsy .... I know when

Zoom was a puppy I could not believe how she could play ....it was like the energizer bunny! I had never owned a dog before that was so hyper ....of course

if you read back in her history this wasn't the case when I picked her out from her

breeder. She was active -...then fell asleep in my arms at the vets when I went to

have her checked.....but the day I took her home, as soon as we hit the end of the driveway leaving the breeder's house ......Miss Zoom exerted her independence!

Funny... I laugh when I hear that commercial too with zoom, zoom, zoom ...think

they need a mascot? Now, I'll also think of Mugsy too! Wish I could have a cat - I'm allergic - wasn't when I was younger and I like them ...and they know it but poor things ..have to leave the premises or can't breathe around them. Looked into those hairless cats, but too expensive for me --although I always ask at our

local rescue for them when I drop off donations. Zoom likes cat ...she's afraid of

other dogs ....I thought maybe the company for her would be good. But right now with Zoom & myself I have my hands full with things. I'm glad she now has calmer momemts, but she still can bevery excitable! But you know I adore my

Zoom Dog! :heart::heart::heart:

Hope all's ok with everyone..... until next time -


Susan & Zoom

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