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Again - by Grace Clements

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A fat little puppy sits in a pen.

He's looking at you.

You're looking at him.

You reach down and pick him up.

He sure is a cute little pup.

He licks your face with his little pink tongue.

Oh what the heck, you'll take this one.

You have no idea, no way to know,

How deep this bond would someday grow.

A tired old dog lies on the floor.

His body is weak; he can't rise anymore.

You look in his eyes. There is absolute trust.

You pick up the phone and do what you must.

Then you lie down beside your tired old friend.

Think of the years and don't want it to end

With tears in your eyes, you stroke his beautiful head.

You know that never again will he sleep by your bed.

For fourteen years, you have shared so much love.

It's now time to send him to Heaven above.

You lie there with your old dog on the floor,

and silently wait for the knock at the door.

The vet comes in, his face full of compassion.

He gives you a moment, he knows it's your last one.

It takes only a minutes; it's a gentle, painless way.

In a moment like this, there is nothing to say.

There is only one thing that helps with the pain.

It's knowing that someday you'll be together again.

But the days go on and you can't quit crying.

You loved him so much you just feel like dying.

There is one more thing that can help you get by.

To ease the pain and help the tears dry.

You never want to go through such pain again.

But you find yourself looking for a new little friend.

A fat little puppy sits in a pen.

He's looking at you.

You're looking at him.

You remember the love; you remember the laughter.

And just for a moment the pain doesn't matter.

As you reach down into the pen,

There is no doubt it's worth doing again.

It will take some time, but now you know

How deep a love can someday grow.

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I loved your poem It made me cry.I lost my furbaby on Christmas eve. Having to make the heart breaking decision to let your baby go is the most awful decision you'll ever have to make.I am so sorry for your loss. Your in my thoughts and prayers

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