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Jacki IMOM

Little Miss

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Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06</SPAN> Sixteen years ago I brought home a precious little pup. I named her Little Miss. She was only 5 weeks old and the product of a BYB.

She quickly found her way into my heart and we became inseparable companions. We were always together. She was my little orange shadow.

Most of the times I was posting to this forum or working in our web site, she was on my lap. She was a perfect fit at only 8 pounds.

Missi was "The Boss". None of the other dogs or the cats would mess with Missi. She let them all know under no uncertain terms who was in charge.

Time went by quickly. Before I knew it Missi was getting old and her health was starting to decline - but she was still the boss!

When Miss was diagnosed with both a collapsing trachea and enlarged heart, I promised her I would never let her suffer or lose her dignity. Today, I kept my promise to her. Surrounded by love, Miss went to join Magic, Tiki, Bug, Rascal and Pup at Rainbow Bridge. Yet another piece of my heart is gone.

If someone said to me, "Jacki, you can have Missi back for another 16 years. At the end of those 16 years you will once again have to give her a final gift of love. Your heart will be broken again". I would jump at the opportunity.

The pain I feel is intense. However it does not compare to the absolute joy she gave me her whole life. I can only hope these last 16 years were as wonderful for Miss as they were for me.

Missi - Chase the big dogs, snap at the cats, enjoy the sunshine and run like the wind. You are free and you maintained your dignity. Tonight and for the rest of my life I will celebrate our lives together.

I'll see you again when I get to The Bridge. I love you and miss you so much.


(5/6/06 10:40 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 I am just heartbroken for you Jacki. I am writing through tears becuz it hurts me that you are in such pain and to know the emptiness you are feeling.

Little Miss has to be one of the luckiest puppers in all the world--having you for a mommy and now being able to chase kitties and run free. I know with her spirit she is up there telling all the other animals at RB how her heart is filled with love and she will be waiting for you.

I think very shortly she will be running the show.

I can see stars from where I am sitting, and I know one is twinkling especially bright for you to see--and it's from Missi.

You will feel her and know she is with you--just go to a quiet place in ur mind when you are having a hard time--and she will come...

Much love...and much sympathy.



(5/7/06 7:00 am)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Jacki,

I am so sorry that you had to let Missi go on to RB. What a beautiful dog she is and yes she probably already has everyone in line. 16 wonderful years, you both were so lucky to have each other. Godspeed sweet Missi.

Linda IMOM

5/7/06 1:53 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Jacki - I am so sorry. You have my deepest sympathy, I kbow how special Missy has been to you, I know how much you are hurting.

Collie Hugs -

Judy Leathers

(5/7/06 4:37 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Jacki, please accept our deepest condolences for the loss of your Little Miss...

You had 16 wonderful years together but it's never long enough...

Dale and I know how hard it is when you loss a special friend.

Know that we all care and I hope that makes it alittle easier for you and Pete. Sadly, Judy

Lori Domingos

(5/7/06 7:23 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Dear Jacki and Pete, I am so sorry for your loss but know Little Miss is happy where she is. My tears have spotted my glasses so it is hard to see but I just had to write to let you know I am with you in this time of sorrow. One day you will see her again until then just remember the good times you had with the little beauty.

Sad hearted, Lori, Princess, Queenie, Dutchess, Sylvia and Prince in spirit

Jacki IMOM

(5/8/06 8:28 am)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 I know everyone who has read about Missi knows exactly how I am feeling. When a companion has to go ahead it leaves your home so empty. It doesn't matter how small they are, or how many others you might have. One is missing.

There is one less at meal time. There is one less to go out in the yard and play. There is one less at treat time. There is one less to tuck in and kiss goodnight. One less when it's time for HW preventative and FrontLine. It seems like everything I do reminds me there is one less now.

Today I'm going to plant a memorial garden for my Bridge Kids. Great Dane Rescue of IL

(5/8/06 10:05 am)

Lill Missy


It always amazes me that even with a house full of furkids, how one less makes such a huge difference

A huge hole, and the silence it incredible

I know that you know how blessed you were to have her for so long, and yet, you still feel like there should be more

Bless you Jacki for giving her a wonderful life-and death-the kindest gift you could give her


Diana New Hope

(5/8/06 4:39 pm)

Re: Lill Missy Jacki, what can I say, my heart breaks for you.. You are the miracle worker and yet when it is time, there is nothing we can do to extend our loved ones life a little longer. You did the right thing by not letting Missy suffer. I made that mistake a few years back with my Jasper, (my black persian cat) who I also had for 16 years. I waited til the very end, even thou my husband kept saying he is suffering you need to let him go. After Jasper I swore I would never let another one of my children suffer because I am not strong enough to let go.

When you look back at your and Missy's 16 years together you will smile and feel happy for the moment, so keep remembering what a wonderful 16 years it has been for you both.

I wish I could take your pain away, as you help take all of our pain away each and everyday. God bless you Jacki.



Debbie and Trixie

(5/8/06 5:11 pm)

Re: Lill Missy Jacki, through my tears I write my heartfelt sympathy for you at this time of great sorrow. I know the pain in your heart from having the very same experience with my longtime pet siamese in 1990. I quickly found another pet in need to shower with love, and I still have Princess, my 16 year old rescued siamese, today. I know you will always feel the notch out of your heart for your Pom, but at least she isn't suffering any more, and you will honor her with all the love you give to other animals in need. You gave her a wonderful life, take joy in that knowledge, as she took joy in being your lap dog for so long!


(5/9/06 2:36 pm)

Re: Lill Missy Jacki,

I'm so sorry that Missi had to leave you. I hope there's some solace in knowing how very proud of her mom Missi must be for helping all those you've helped.



(5/9/06 10:27 pm)

I am so sorry... to read that your precious Missi has crossed over. I can barely see from the tears in my eyes that I still shed for my babies. I know its SO hard to lose somethint so sweet an innocent as a pet. Please know you are in my prayers for strength during this rough time. Know that Missi left this earth knowing how much she was truly loved and cared for. That one day you two will meet again :)

Marlene Brandi2641

5/10/06 9:24 am)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06

I am so sorry to hear about you precious Little Baby. I know all the words in the world can make it better. I completely agree about all the little things that remind you. I lost two of my Furry babies within 3 weeks of each other last year. One Lab mix (Gypsi ) to Osteosarcoma cancer. It completely blindsided us we did everything the vets said to do even the amputation and still she lost the battle. We did get 5 good weeks with her afterward though and a Akita mix (Sonya ) to spinal arthritis and old age 15 yrs old. They both were also rescues. I am still reminded daily of them and I do honestly belive they are better now. Even though it is so hard for us parents to have lost them. You have to keep an eye out though because just when you think that oyu can't stand it anymore she jst may find a way to let you know that she is still with oyu maybe by sending you a special fur baby that needs your help and love just as much as you need her. I do bellive everything happens for a reason. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.

My Deepest Sympathy



(5/10/06 8:35 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Jacki, you have my deepest sympathy on the loss of Little Miss. Every day we have to spend with these precious creatures is priceless, but there are never enough days. Kay


(5/12/06 9:35 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Jacki,

I am so very sorry. You have my deepest sympathies. I was talking to Judy today and she told me what happened. I so miss everyone here and I had to come by tonight and tell you how sorry I am. It is with tears in my eyes that I write this. Little Miss is so beautiful and will always be with you. You gave that sweet little one the last act of love you could give. The hardest, most unselfish thing we can do but I love what you said that you would do it all again. I feel the same way. They give us more than we can ever give back.

You are the best furmom and I know your little ones are watching you and smiling. I love you . You have done so much for me and my family and so many we could never repay all the wonderful gifts given us through Imom.Thank you. I was thinking of you this week even picked up the phone to call when I realized your phone # had been disconnected since you moved. I still light candles every night for you and all the Imom's and PINS and families and tonight an extra will be lit for Little Miss.I am here if there is anything I can do just call anytime. I am so very sorry.

Love Laurie,Kori and family

Jacki IMOM

(7/4/06 10:42 pm)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Missi paid us a visit.

A few days ago I heard Missi's little bark. I heard it several times. It was the bark she used when she was fussing with the cats. Pete wasn't home at the time and I didn't mention it to him.

Yesterday, we were out in the yard with the spots. Pete said, "Missi is here. She barked at me when I was walking down the hallway last night".

I said, "Yes, I know. I heard her too"

We just looked at each other and cried a little. Then we smiled at each other because we both know she will always be here with us. She told us that when we talked with her through Aunt Julie.

I'm very happy that my little girl decided to stay around.

Linda IMOM

(7/5/06 7:08 am)

Re: Little Miss ~ 4/5/90 - 5/6/06 Aw Jacki, isn't that a comfort?

Collie Hugs -

Great Dane Rescue of IL

(7/5/06 9:53 am)

visit Oh Jacki

I sooooo love when they stop by for a visit-it brings a tear, then a smile then warmth-I so happy for you



(7/5/06 4:49 pm)

a visit from Missi That's so cool, Jacki. I'm glad that Missi understands it is still her job to keep those LBCs in line!

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It's a year today since my Little Miss went to Rainbow Bridge. I still hear her barking from time to time. It's not the same as it was during her last few weeks with me. That was a bark to let me know she was lost in the house and needed me to come and find her. The bark I hear now is her happy bark.

I miss my little girl. I was so lucky to have had her for 16 years!

IPB Image

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I always think of Mariele when I see her. So expressive and sweet. I'll be thinking of her today, and you too, Jacki.

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She was beautiful. I know that you miss her so much. It probably seems like it was just yesterday that she was here with you. We will be praying for you.

Summer sends her hugs too :hugs:.

Much Love,

Marilyn and Summer

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I bet your lap has been pretty lonely and your feet too without Little Miss. May you continue to hear her happy barks. Thinking of you both today.


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