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Emily's Urgent Surgery

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Emily was found stray 6 years ago when she brought us her 4 kittens one at a time.  We took them all in and discovered that she was pregnant.  Somehow she broke her hip and she had one kitten from her second pregnany normally but one more through C-section.  

The picture is of her loving her 2 kittens.  Because of her bad hip it has caused her to have a megacolon.  She cannot eliminate her bowels.  She has been at the vet for 2 weeks while they give her daily enemas and medications to help her.  The only hope is to remove part of the colon.  My vet is graciously reducing the cost of surgery in half.  The funds will pay for surgery and part of her vet stay.  

The sooner the funds are there the sooner she will be operated on.  She is very sweet and loving.  The alternative is to put her to sleep.  I feel so helpless because I have previously paid $500 for vet treatments last month for the same condition.  I owe another $768 to the vet and the operation id $925 to $1255.

 I have no where left to turn to help pay for her operation.  Emily and I would be so grateful for any size donation to save her life.

Emilycatand kittens.jpg

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