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Liz W

Our Buddy Boy needing financial medical help

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At about 3:30am this morning I was woke up by a banging noise in the house.  I got up to find one of our dogs "Buddy" staggering and falling down.  I thought he was having a seizure so I sat with him and after more than 15 minutes it would not stop.  My husband Larry was at work and I had to call and leave a message to call me regarding a family emergency.  By the time he called it had been over a half hour and Buddy still was not improving.  After I got off the phone with Larry, Buddy got sick.  I sat with him until my husband got home so he would not hurt himselft.  I had found blood on his face more than likely from him falling and hitting his face.  We decided that we needed to get him to the vet right away (Animal Medical Center, Murfreesboro, TN).  They took him to the back and examined him and then came to talk with us.  They said he has vestibular disease and that they believe upon examination that he probably has a tumor.  We both just broke down in tears and are devistated.  They want to keep him for 24 hours and treat him and see if he improves.  The estimate for the treatment for just the first 24 hrs could run as much as $698.57.  We are wanting to do everything in our power to give him a good quality of life and are praying that treatment will work.  This expense is beyond our means right now since I have been hit hard with medical bills for myself and would be so grateful if we could get some help.  We are devistated about this news, but we will do everything in our power to help our precisous Buddy Boy feel better.  He wants to be here with us, but is confused right now. The vet is givng him meds to relax him, anti nausea meds and medicine for inflammation.  We thank you for any help and prayers sent for Buddy.

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