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Hi everyone! So last month, a stray dog ran into my house. He was infested with fleas and in bad shape. I was able to get him care at a clinic and groomed. After multiple attempts to find the owner (even though he was mistreated), I decided it was best this baby Maltese stay with me until I could nurse him back to health. Yes, it has been a pricey so far. Now, Hatchi is neutered, flea free, back to healthy weight, and no more skin irritation. A few days ago, I noticed him unable to retract his penis and it was swollen. Here goes another trip to the Vet and more expenses. Turns out he suffers from paraphymosis. Treatment with medication is looking uncussesful and he will need surgery. Is there a way to receive some kind of assistance? It has cost us a lot to take him in but he has become like my fourth child. I really don't want to take him to a shelter. So pleas, if anyone knows how I can get him help please let me know. Thank you! IMG_0991.JPG



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