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Help Charlie With Her Cancer!

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Hi! I'm brand new here and I'm holding my breath here since there are so many other people on here who need help but I'm going to give this a try!
My name is Kelsey and my cat's name is Charlie. She has already had surgery to remove her left eye because there was so much pressure in it it was causing her discomfort and pain. Since the surgery she's been back to her normal self. Eating, drinking, relieving, playing and is as loving as every, if not more so. About a week and a half after her surgery I got a call that her biopsy results came back and it wasn't good. She has what is called diffuse melanoma in the eye, which is an aggressive form of cancer in the eye that attacks pigment in the eye. It is rare, and rarely spreads to other organs but since that, under the microscope, the cells appear to be the aggressive type it's almost 99% certain that her cancer is malignant. It's very confusing for me to know what this diagnosis is because she SEEMS totally FINE. Everything is fine and back to normal since her enucleation. 
The next steps we have to take are getting all of her diagnostics done, 3 films of chest x-rays, needle biopsy of a node and abdominal ultrasounds to check her liver and kidneys. These tests are going to run me up about $1.2k. We've spend SO much on her already, about $1,600 and I'm not working that much right now, my fiance had lung cancer 2 years ago and since it's a new year, we have to pay almost full price for his pain management doctor and scans, and we have to move soon, have car insurance and other bills to pay. When she is HEALTHY to me, I see no reason to put her down because it's the cheaper option. We can't have kids so this old lady is all I have. She's only 9 years old. She deserves to live a fuller life, to be loved and cared for. I'm trying to do that as best as I can.

We are changing her diet slightly and looking into supplements per our vets concurrence with some research we've done already.




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IMOM does not provide assistance with diagnostics or ongoing cancer treatments.  However, here are two you should apply to 

The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund - http://www.dccfund.org/ .

Cody’s Club - http://www.dogdoggiedog.com/pwcAcodysclub.htm
Codys Club ensures that lack of information, or lack of funds, are not the deciding factors in whether or not radiation is chosen for treatment of cancer

Thank you for loving and taking care of Charlie.  We hope you find the assistance he needs. 


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