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New dog mom after finding 2 VERY old wonderful dogs on side of the road

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Hi everyone! My name is Lorretta..I found 2 wonderfully sweet deaf and almost blind 13 year old pups on the side of the road eating trash. I took them to the Hawaiian humane society to asked if i could keep them because they are pretty much guaranteed to be euthanized (they werent supposed to tell me that) but i needed to know. I took them to the vet cause i could tell there was A LOT going on. I found out they both possibly have cancer..They also have gum and heart disease. Treatment for both has come to over 800 bucks each..and that doesnt even include the surgeries. The blood work for both..check up cost, treatment just for there ear infections(vet thinks they had it for over a year cause it was so bad). They also need to get ultrasounds to make sure they see everything that is going on. My husband is in the military and I am trying to become a mommy to our first child. We werent expecting this to happen..but to know if i left them there..I was basically signing off to them being killed just because nobody wants old dogs. Its VERY normal in Hawaii for dogs to just be kicked to the curb from people not wanting to pay to ship there pets to the mainland. Its awful..i know. This is the 4th time ive stopped to pick up a dog. This time it was 2..go figure. I have tried to find a good home but after they find out they have all these problems no one is interested. If i could even get a few donations to help at LEAST help save towards even just getting blood work and ultra sounds done so at least I can not only give them the pain medication they desperately need..but deserve..and I can at east get a head start towards helping them live to the fullest <3 <3 thank you for taking the time to read my story <3 post-38573-0-92657500-1450360378_thumb.jpost-38573-0-52328200-1450360381_thumb.jpost-38573-0-29007600-1450360382_thumb.jpost-38573-0-61246600-1450360383_thumb.j


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Bless you for all you're doing for these babies. Which Island are you one? We have family on Oahu and the Big Island. Makes for a great get away in the middle of these cold Alaskan winters.

I'm not an IMOM volunteer, but I understand that IMOM is currently only taking applications for spay and neuter cases. So, they have a list of other organization that may be able to help you with fundraising.

The link to the thread is here: http://www.imom.org/...ic=10017 But, I have copied the info below. Some of the organizations raise funds for cancer treatment -- but they would have to be diagnosed first. If your family is agreeable, perhaps you could request donations in lieu of Christmas gifts this year. Good luck, and I hope you will post again with an update.

Possible sources for financial aid (published by IMOM.org 1/2014)

IMOM – In Memory of Magic - http://imom.org/fa/

IMOM has been in business since 1998 and is a nationwide, all volunteer, 501©(3) organization. We are

100% Internet based – without exception. When applying to IMOM for financial aid you are required

to apply to other organizations as well.

To apply for financial aid from IMOM you must visit our web site and follow the step-by-step

instructions. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help.

Information on the following pages is provided as a resource to assist in finding financial aid outside

of IMOM.org. IMOM has no affiliation with any of the organizations or companies named below.

Their presence on this list is not meant as an endorsement.

If you have a dog who is a specific breed it is always a good idea to check with rescue organizations. You

can do an Internet search to find them.

Credit Cards for Veterinary Care

(check with your veterinarian to see which cards are accepted)

Care Credit: 866-893-7864 - www.carecredit.com

Credit card company for health/veterinary care. Offers a variety of plans and low monthly payments.

Since many veterinary hospitals do not take payment plans, Care Credit may be a solution if you are not

able to afford the whole cost of treatment all at once. Your veterinarian must offer this service in order

for you to use it.

Wells Fargo Health Advantage: 800-248-5012


Gives pet owners the option to pay over time for a wide variety of routine and emergency care for pets

including general veterinary care for pets, including: general veterinary care and procedures; emergency

treatment and procedures; and hospital care. Your veterinarian must offer this service in order for you

to use it.

Citi Health Card: 1-866-352-5202 - http://www.healthcard.citicards.com

The Citi Health Card is a financing program that offers flexible payment plans. Your veterinarian must

offer this service in order for you to use it.

Chase Health Advance - https://www.mychasehealthadvance.com Chase Health Advance is a financing program provided by Chase Bank that offers low interest and extended payment plans. Your veterinarian must offer this service in order for you to use it.

Non Profit Organizations

Spay and Neuter - http://www.humanesoc...pay_neuter.html

Onxy and Breezy Foundation - http://www.onyxandbreezy.org/ Mission - "To provide financial support to credible organizations and individuals that Benefit the Welfare of Animals"

RedRover Relief - http://www.redrover.org/relief Red Rover provides financial assistance grants and additional resources so pet owners and rescuers can care for animals who need urgent veterinary care. Visit www.redrover.org/grants for eligibility requirements and application. RedRover also offers financial assistance for victims of domestic violence and their pets.

Handicapped Pets Foundation – http://hpets.org/ The Handicapped Pets foundation is a 501©3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the health and well-being of elderly, disabled, and injured pets. We donate mobility equipment to pets in need.

The Pet Fund - http://www.thepetfund.com/ The Pet Fund is a registered 501©(3) nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care. Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or medical treatment. Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect medical needs because of the costs involved.

Jake Brady Memorial Fund - Ohio residents only. http://www.myjakebrady.com/index.shtml The Jake Brady Memorial Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to companion animals in need for the prevention and treatment of major health ailments. Ensuring the ability to receive quality treatment and provide for the well being of companion animals will always be our primary objective.

Actors and Others for Animals - Southern CA only. http://www.actorsand...rgencyhelp.html

FACE Foundation - San Diego, CA only. http://www.face4pets.org/Default.aspx Established in 2006, the FACE Foundation is a not-for-profit 501©(3) public charity, whose mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life of animals by providing access to necessary medical care and education. Based on established criteria, FACE provides financial grants to animal owners who are unable to partially or fully cover the cost of their pet's emergency or critical care.

Brown Dog Foundation - http://www.browndogfoundation.org/home At Brown Dog Foundation it is their mission to offer pet owners in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet faces a treatable life-threatening condition in order to restore the quality of life for pet and owner.

The Big Hearts Fund - http://bigheartsfund.org/ For pets with heart problems only.

Birchbark Foundation – Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in CA http://www.birchbark.../apply_for_help

Animal Assistance League of Orange County http://www.aaloc.com...plinepetaid.htm

Buddy Care Foundation http://www.buddycare.org/apply.htm

Frankie's Friends - Hope Fund http://www.frankiesf...-happy-tails-2/

Frankie's Friends - Eddie Croman Fund - http://www.frankiesf...ie-croman-fund/ The Eddie Croman Fund assists pets with heart and/or kidney disease, whose families cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Frankie's Friends - Zeus Varis Fund http://www.frankiesf...-happy-tails-2/ The Zeus Varis Fund established by Dr. Varis helps cats and dogs that are diagnosed with cancer receive treatment to help them remain comfortable and at home.

Frankie's Friends - K-9 Heros Fund - http://www.frankiesf...s-2/k-9-heroes/ A special program for K-9 Search & Rescue dogs that were injured in the line of duty. Frankie’s Friends has started a fund to provide specialty care as needed for these wonderful animals, to keep them active, in the field, and saving lives! It is the least we can do! If you would like to support our efforts

The Mosby Foundation - http://www.themosbyfoundation.org/

Paws 4 A Cure -http://www.paws4acure.org/askforhelp.php

Pets of the Homeless - http:/www.petsofthehomeless.org/need-help List of various distributing organizations

Rose's Fund - http://www.rosesfund.org/ (Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ)

Shakespeare Animal Fund - http://www.shakespea...rg/qualify.html People in the Northern Nevada / Lake Tahoe area can apply for fund

Capper and Chris Save the Animal Fund http://www.cvm.tamu....ris/index.shtml Texas Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

IAADP - http://www.iaadp.org/VCP.html International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

Banfield Charitable Trust - http://www.banfieldc...are-assistance/

The Gandalf Fund provides financial assistance for working and retired assistance dogs in the event of catastrophic illness or accidental injury. http://www.thegiftof...rg/gandalf.html

Ashley's Angel Fund - NC only. http://www.ashleyfund.org/ Ashley's Angel Fund Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing monetary assistance for veterinary care to dog owners whose pet is facing a life-threatening condition. NC only

God’s Creatures Ministry - http://www.all-creat...cm/help-cf.html

Daisy Cares - residents of Bexar County, Texas (or surrounding areas) http://daisycares.com/ Established to help financially challenged pet owners and rescue groups with the cost of veterinary care

Tails of Hope - http://www.tailsofhopefoundation.org/ Under the Sponsor-A-Pet™ Program, Tails of Hope underwrites the cost of veterinary care for companion animals suffering from cancer or other life-threatening diseases whose owners cannot afford to pay for such care.

Breed Specific

Labrador Lifeline http://www.labradorlifeline.org/ Labrador Life Line is committed to offering a variety of types of assistance to Labrador Retrievers in need.

Labrador Harbor - CA only http://www.labradorh....org/index.html Labrador Harbor is committed to providing assistance to Labrador Retrievers of all ages, in permanent homes or within a California based non-profit rescue organization. We strongly believe that all Labs, regardless of age, deserve to live quality lives with people who love them. Labrador Harbor may assist with funding medical intervention, as well as training or other special care that may be necessary to enhance quality of life.

WestieMed, Inc. - http://www.westiemed.org/ Helping rescued Westies in need of medical attention is our Mission.

CorgiAid - CorgiAid - http://www.corgiaid.org/ A nonprofit organization founded to provide financial assistance to corgis and corgi mixes. We help out those who rescue dogs from shelters or other non-permanent homes, then foster them until a new home is found.

Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBRC) - http://www.pbrc.net/.../financial.html The PBRC website is a virtual shelter and resource for owners and caretakers of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and pit bull mixes.

The Goldstock Fund - http://www.goldstock.../tgf/index.html The Goldstock Fund's mission is to provide funds to rescue organizations or individuals to pay for transportation, boarding, evaluations and medical costs of golden retrievers and golden hearted dogs taken into rescue. The Goldstock Fund also provides educational information and materials to rescues and the public.

American Boxer Rescue Association - http://americanboxer...und/default.asp The ABRA Boxer ER Fund has been set up for assistance for rescued boxers, from any rescue group. Each

application will be assessed individually. These guidelines will be followed to determine if the dog is eligible for assistance through the ABRA Boxer ER Fund.

Cats only

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program - http://www.fveap.org/sys-tmpl/door/ The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501©(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.

Cats in Crisis - http://www.catsincrisis.org/ Cats in Crisis Inc. is a 501©(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and humane organizations care for cats with chronic or emergency medical conditions through financial and fundraising assistance.


The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund - http://www.dccfund.org/

Zach Memorial Fund - NC only. http://www.ashleyfund.org/index.html This is a special fund administered by Ashley's Angel Fund that provides monetary assistance specifically to dog owners whose pet has cancer. NC only

The Magic Bullet Fund - http://www.themagicbulletfund.org/ Magic Bullet Fund (MBF) provides financial assistance for canine cancer treatment only when the family is financially unable to provide treatment.

Canine Cancer Awareness - http://caninecancera...al-assistanceIf you are struggling and need assistance to provide your dog with cancer treatment you are encouraged to download an application for financial assistance. You need to have a confirmed cancer diagnosis from your veterinarian to have the application reviewed.

Cody’s Club - http://www.dogdoggie...cAcodysclub.htm Cody’s Club ensures that lack of information, or lack of funds, are not the deciding factors in whether or not radiation is chosen for treatment of cancer.


Guide Dog Assistance Fund - http://www.cnib.ca/e...es/default.aspx

The Farley Foundation - Ontario, Canada only - http://www.farleyfoundation.org/ Established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) in 2001, the Farley Foundation (a registered charity) assists seniors and disabled persons on limited incomes with the necessary treatment of their pets. In 2007, the Foundation expanded its criteria to assist the pets of women at risk of abuse (and their children) who are participating in OVMA’s SafePet Program. The Farley Foundation honors the human-animal bond and seeks to help those who most benefit from pet ownership.

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I would also check with any of the shelters or rescues in your area that might have a vet that will work with you, giving you a discount for saving their lives...

BLESS YOU for taking these sweet seniors in, there is nothing better than a wise old dog, is there? Except perhaps TWO

Edited by Judy

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