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Mona needs help

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Hi there,

I joined this forum in the hopes of raising some money for costly pet care for my cat in need.

I adopted Mona, a special senior kitty from a rescue in Pennsylvania. They had rescued her from a kill shelter in rural PA where she had ended up as a stray. She was in dire condition with several skin conditions, malnourished and severely ill. The rescue used their available resources to bring her back to life but was not aware of some of the more long-term underlying conditions from which she was suffering.

As her sniffles cleared up a bit, I noticed her breathing was still compromised and took her to a vet within a week of having adopted her. My vet in the Lower East Side of Manhattan diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, yeast infection in her ears, ringworm, and then performed an x ray to determine she has free fluid in her abdomen and a diaphragmatic hernia both of which are contributing to her compromised breathing and require immediate attention.

I have inquired into getting assistance from the rescue but they do not have the resources. I am very concerned about Mona's wellbeing as her breathing is effected and the vet warned that her condition could worsen and effect her heart and lungs further if I don't get her care as soon as possible.

I have already spent over $600 to get to this point on the visit, x rays and meds to treat her more minor conditions. I still need to take her in for another visit ($105) to get her a full blood panel ($190), fecal parasite test ($55), ultrasound ($700) right away. Then I need to bring the ultrasound to a specialist ($200+) and she will need surgery according to my vet and the radiologist which will cost thousands of dollars but I am still waiting on a pre-testing estimate.

I don't know how this whole thing works but I need help. Right now I have this super special kitty living in pain and potentially getting worse but my hands are tied because I cannot afford to help her. Anything would help. Do you know a vet local to NYC who would perform pro-bono services? Do you have money to donate? I could provide my vet's contact info to donate directly. Thanks for your help.






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I will pray for you and Mona. It's hard to believe someone when they say they know what you're going through, but I do. It's the worst feeling in the world, knowing you may not be able to help your baby. Last Thursday, we had brought our sweet and loving 3 year old cat, Clive, to the vet because he was losing weight and having problems breathing. A couple hundred dollars later (which is half of my bank account) we were devastated to find he has a very rare condition called Chylothorax (where the heart leaks liquid into the chest cavity) which constricts the lungs until they suffocate. The vet performed a chest tap and removed a liter of fluid (normally there would only be a tablespoon), but said it would only fill up again without surgery. Besides that, the chest tap can only be performed a few times before it's ineffective. It's only been five days since and his breathing is labored again and he is still losing weight. The surgery is completely out of reach, because it needs to be performed at the University of Minnesota to the tune of $7,000+ (which is more than half of my annual salary). Every moment I get I pray for a miracle. There has to be an answer.


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