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MIDNIGHT BROWNING - Lymphoma - Needs Chemotherapy

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Harvey is a 6 year old Doberman Pinscher and has bee with the Magic Bullet Fund for some time. This lovely dog needs our help and we hope you can consider helping out. Midnight needs chemotherapy to survive as she has an aggressive lymphoma. Please visit the Magic Bullet Fund's website to make a donation.

You can go directly to the Midnight's donation page using the "donate for this dog" button below. Remember that 100% of all donations go to the treatments of the dogs.

DonTxt.gifMembers, please type IMOM into the “instructions for seller” (or recipient) box during the donations.



Below is Midnight's story written by her father Glenn Browning of Clearwater, FL.

Hi my name is Midnight, Missy for short. I was diagnosed with a high grade lymphoma on July 24th. I really wasn’t feeling that bad, I had a little cough and a lump on my neck, but my daddy got worried and took me to the doctor. The doctor said I need something called CHOP, I’ve heard people call it chemotherapy. He said that without this treatment I would only have about 2 months to live.

When the vet told my daddy he started crying because he knew he couldn't afford my medicine. You see, my daddy was a canine security guard and he got shot, so now he is on disability.

My vet told my daddy about all the wonderful people at the Magic Bullet Fund that they might be able to help us raise the funds for the cost of my treatment. My daddy keeps telling me how much he loves me and that everything is going to be okay. He says that a lot of people love me too and that they’re going to help make me better. I know he worries, even more since my mommy passed away a few years ago. He keeps telling me that I'm all he has left in this world.

I'm just not ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge yet. I still have a lot of lizards to chase, long walks to take and kisses to give. So I’m not giving up! This little girl is ready for a fight. Won't you please help me? Thank you for reading my story and for helping me if you can. And one more thing, please don't forget that prayers help too!

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