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BEAR DELFS - Oral Melanoma, Needs Chemotherapy

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Bear is in the Magic Bullet Fund and needs additional help. Please help Bear with a donation. You can read about Bear and see the fundraising drive at the link below. I have also included a direct link to donate to Bear's treatment. 100% of the donation goes to Bear!

DonTxt.gifMembers, please type IMOM into the “instructions for seller” (or recipient) box during the donations.



Below is also Bear's story written by his family.

Hi! My name is Bear and I could really use your help. Until recently, I was a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky black lab without a care in the world. Then I had a tumor removed from my mouth and it turned out to be a malignant cancer called oral melanoma. There were a lot of tests to see if it had spread to my lungs and lymph nodes. Fortunately, it has not.

My family is the best family a dog could ever have and they are all very worried and sad about me. They have been feeding me special homemade food with lots of nutrients and supplements to help make me strong to fight this disease.

I need to have a special vaccine treatment, called the DNA vaccine for oral melanoma. It will help my immune system fight the cancer cells. With this vaccine I could live another two years or longer. The vaccine is expensive and my family is having financial difficulties right now. I won’t be able to have the treatment unless we receive donations.

The kind and caring people at the Magic Bullet Fund have offered to help me raise the funds we’ll need to pay for the treatment, and they provided a gift into our campaign to get it started.

I love going for walks, the beach and dog parks with them. Most of all, I want to spend more time with them so that they can rub my ears and belly and make me feel so good. I want to be with my family for as long as possible.

Please help me to have a few more years with my family. I will be so grateful to anyone who can donate towards my treatment, and I know they will too!

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Good morning Angels, please be sure to check out Bear's story and if you can, donate so Bear can have more time with his family. Be sure to wait around after your donation and link to IMOM so they know where you saw the story... Betsy

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Hi Bear`s parents, your dog is the cutest thing, I hope everything turns out right for you guys. I have a Chocolate Lab besides my Rottweiler, "Pearl" who needs chemo. Good Luck, we sure need it.

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