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Cindy.k IMOM

Kevin Meadows - 3 y/o kitty with urinary obstruction

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Today, IMOM was able to help Kevin Meadows, a 3yo neutered kitty with a urinary

tract obstruction. While Kevin was unblocked and received fluids/pain meds

yesterday, his vet reports Kevin could easily block again and needs several days’

hospitalization to insure that this does not happen. Due to the generosity of all the

IMOM Angels, we were able to pledge $524 to see that Kevin gets the treatment he needs.

Here is what Kevin’s family had to say about him: "Kevin is an ideal companion

and has helped my husband, a disabled Afghan/Iraqi Veteran cope with any

obstacles he has faced. Kevin isn’t just a “cat” to us in any sense of the word. Kevin is a friend, a playmate, a snuggle buddy, and the supporting piece of the totem.”

Thank you for your donations to the GF fund. Without them, we would not have

been able to help Kevin remain unblocked, pain free, and able to remain with his

loving owners. It is your contributions to the general fund that make these grant possible. Grants that keep pets and owners together.

To Donate to the General Fund please go to: http://www.imom.org/...on/index.htm#gf

We appreciate all the support that you give both IMOM and the PINs. Thank you

again for making this possible and for giving help and hope to so many!


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Hello everyone! First off, let me say 'thank you' to IMOM, the community and to all who donated to save Kevin's life, he is only 2.5 years old and we KNOW that he has a lot more living to do. Thank you's also go out to everyone on Facebook who liked and shared SaveKevin and who donated to the YouCaring.com fundraiser!

Kevin is now home with us and eating, drinking, urinating, walking and being cute as normal! He spent the entire morning, afternoon and part of the evening at the vet. The Dr said that he seemed to be doing well from just the non-invasive removal of the blockage but she wanted to monitor him closely all day and keep him on IV fluids to make sure there aren't anymore crystals or grit still left over that could potentially get lodged in his urethra again. He will return to the vet tomorrow afternoon for some bloodwork, and as long as his kidney's look good, he is still urinating, eating and drinking normally, Kevin may not even need the surgery to place the catheter!! Fingers crossed!!

The money that was donated by everyone went to keeping Kevin in the hospital all day, the IV fluids he desperately needed to flush out all the grit in his urinary system, steady monitoring of his condition, bloodwork, pain medications, sedation, and the BEST care any little furbaby could ask for. The people at Windsor Park Vet are the absolute BEST and we will continue to bring our pets there as long as we are in Austin!

We will update more on his condition after his bloodwork/vet visit tomorrow!

Thanks again IMOM!!

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1st, may I thank your husband for his service to our Country. My Niece is in basic as we speak (Army National Guard) and my son will be entering ( he is off parole in a month from a D.U.I. ). He would have been in already if not for that.

I'm happy to hear that KevinTheCat is home and getting the TLC he needs. I will add him to my prayer lists for him to maintain good health and a very long life and for you to have the patience and strength needed while he goes through this.


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Hello everyone! Quick update for the 16th and 17th! I've been at work all day (with another long shift tomorrow!) so I'm getting these updates in kind of late at night! My apologies!

Wednesday, The 16th:

We brought Kevin in to the vet for a follow-up just yesterday at 7 in the morning. The Dr was still very pleased with his recovery and behavior, but when she started feeling his bladder she thought that it felt a little "hard". Dr Pasternak started to massage Kevin's lower abdomen to get a better feel for how enlarged his bladder was when all of the sudden Kevin started to PEE RIGHT THERE! We didn't notice at first because he was sitting on his collapsable carrier, but we sure noticed once he moved!! TONS of urine all over his little red carrier and most of his back end, haha. It was funny but also a big relief as I thought to myself, "Okay well, even though we're probably gonna be the pet-parents of the "smelly cat" in town (which is right up there with being the "stinky kid" in class!) at least we know he's not having any trouble peeing anymore!"The staff there are so amazing and they offered to run our carrier through their wash cycle and they gave us a plastic carrier to borrow. Dr. Pasternak then had one of the Vet Techs inject some more fluids beneath Kevin's skin, just for good measure, and also to really make sure that everything was completely flushed out. They also drew some blood (poor Kevin! He was TERRIFIED!) and ran some basic tests. The results were good, most everything was normal, except for his kidney levels... again. Dr Pasternak told us that they had definitely gone down closer to where they should be, but they weren't in that "Normal" realm yet, so she asked to see him back the very next day to re-check his kidney levels.

Last night at home, it was like we had the old Kevin back.... he was eating norma, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest.

Thursday, The 17th:

Kevin went for his follow-up appointment today at 2:30. They checked him over and drew blood once more. THIS time we got to hear the news we had been waiting for:Kevin's kidney levels are back to normal! He's still at home, his appetite is right back to where it was before the blockage, along with everything else! You'd never even know by looking at him that he was on the verge of death just a few days ago!

Kevin has another Vet appt on Monday, and we're hoping that it'll be the LAST appt for quite some time now!

Updates to come!!!

Thank you everyone for keeping Kevin in your prayers, we appreciate it!

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What wonderful news. Good boy, Kevin. Keep on peeing. :peeing:

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Thank you Dawn and Kathy for your support! He's doing wonderfully!


Phewww! This week flew by so fast, and I'm so glad that it's almost over. This has been a particularly tough week, for all of us, so I just wanted to again thank everyone who helped make all of this possible. Without you guys, this week would've been a complete nightmare and not only would I be completely exhausted and frustrated, but I'd also be heartbroken. So thank you again everyone!!!!

Anyhow, there hasn't been much of a change since my last post. Thursday was Kevin's last appt for the week and though I wasn't able to go due to work, I heard that he was such a little champ They checked his kidney levels and bloodwork again and everything came back normal!!!!! Yay!

Kevin is still eating well (he loves this new "Wet Food Everyday" diet he's on, hahaha!) and we're making sure he is getting plenty of water. He's back to lounging outside on our (third floor apartment) back balcony and watching the ducks and squirrels run around ;) and playing with his best friend/girlfriend Elvira. He's just totally enjoying the fact that he can lay around the house all day and eat delicious wet food and play with his friends again without being in excruciating pain. I'm actually pretty impressed that he's right back to his old self again, because ANYBODY who had to visit the doctor for bloodwork, tests, exams and then have weird things stuck inside your genitals and anus would be a little bent outta shape, but to deal with that 3-4 days IN A ROW on top of sitting at the hospital for 8 or 9 hours each day?! I think many of us would need a bit more than a day to shake all of that frustration off. I think my little buddy Kev deserves some sort of medal... some sort of Amazing Kitty or Tough Cookie Cat medal!!

His next appt is on Monday, and I imagine everything will go just fine. But we'll keep everyone updated!

I'll have to post some pics soon too. He's just hilarious.

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Hi everyone! Not much to report yet. Kevin's appt yesterday had to be rescheduled, however I haven't asked Josh what day he rescheduled for yet, but I'll post here again when I know the exact date.

Kevin is loving this new all wet food diet and he's eating and drinking as usual, however, I've noticed a couple things yesterday and today that concern me.... yesterday Kevin vomited on the living room rug. When I went to pick it up I realized that it wasn't a hairball, it was a long piece of curling ribbon. Josh's birthday was a few weeks ago and instead of wrapping them, I put them in a nice gift bag and curled some ribbon to decorate the bag's handles. Apparently Kevin got ahold of the bag and chewed all of the ribbon off, so we're worried that the rest of the ribbon is stuck inside somewhere.... and we've noticed that he's been peeing outside of the litter box again :/ Which worries us. I'm going to have Josh call the Dr. tomorrow while I'm at work. I hope he's not going to need surgery.

We'll update more when we know!

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I thought I had updated the other day, but I must've fell asleep while typing it or I just never clicked the "POST" button. Either way, it didn't get posted! I apologize for that!

There's not much to update though... Kevin is still doing well. We finally finished out the bag of dry food we had and we went and got a specific Urinary Tract formula, as 3 out of the 4 cats we have are males, so we figure it can only help prevent the same thing from happening to the others. I just don't ever want to see another little baby go through what Kevin did. It was really hard to watch him struggling to stay alive....

Thank Heaven for IMOM, this community and for the kind people that donated to our last minute fundraiser!!!

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