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Michele W

We are all waves and we are made of water

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Hi, I'm not a Buddhist, but when one of my dogs passed on, I found comfort in this Buddhist story.

Imagine a wave in the ocean. It appears to be transitory, to last but a moment. But it only appears that way if we perceive it as a separate entity. For though the wave had assumed a temporary form, which we called "wave", its true essence is water. The wave continues to exist as part of the water, even after its wave-form has ended. When it rises, then falls, the wave has simply changed its form and rejoined the whole of the water. Indeed, this is where it started and where it belongs.

Your loved ones, too, spend time in a particular form to which you become accustomed. But it is a temporary form, like the wave. Their true essence is as part of the universe, and since the universe continues to exist, they continue to exist. They have simply changed their form and rejoined the whole, which is where they started and where they belong.

You, too, are part of the same universe. Thus, your loved ones have rejoined YOU and now there need never be any more illusion of separation between you. They will be with you no matter where you are and you will never need to worry about them any more or watch them suffer any illness or misfortune. They are now perfectly safe and whole, exactly where they belong.

As you will be when the form you currently inhabit ends. Because we are all waves and we are made of water.

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