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Scooter Bachtel, a kitty with feline leukemia :(

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Today we received an application to help Scooter Bachtel, a kitty suffering from some sort kidney/urinary tract problem. He had been in the hospital for two days waiting for funds for the tests needed to determine what was wrong. Just as we were reviewing the documents, the vet's office called to say he wasn't doing well. We approved $229 (after the owner's contribution of $50) to insert a catheter and check his kidney values. Unfortunately, he tested positive for feline leukemia, and was already too ill to save. His mom made the heartbreaking decision to send him to the Bridge.

This is what she told us about him when she applied:

Scooter is a sweet boy, very loving and my daughters best friend. We found him as a kitten stray and he touched our hearts. Recently, he started acting like he was in pain and I took him to the and the vet said he believes there is something wrong with his kidneys and he needs to cath him. I'm currently a full time nursing student and unemployed. Please help me find the funds for scooter to get better.

This is Scooter. Didn't he have beautiful markings?


Emergency pledges like these are only possible because of donors like you: without donations to our General Fund, Scooter would have been PTS without knowing what was wrong or if he could be saved. At least his Mom knows she did all she could to help him, which is hopefully some small comfort to her.

To help us help the next pet, please go to: http://www.imom.org/...on/index.htm#gf

Godspeed, little boy. You were loved.

Cindy W - IMOM

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I want to thank everyone so very much for the financial and emotional support. Scooters was a wonderful kitty for the short life we had him. I wish there was something that could have been done but he was just ready to go. This organization was so helpful and I will forever be grateful.

God Bless

Debbie post-29108-0-71965200-1392260403_thumb.jpost-29108-0-41925400-1392260421_thumb.j

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I'm so sorry you lost Scooter, but it sounds like you did everything you could. Godspeed, sweet Scooter. :animcnda_lg:

I hope your daughter is doing okay.

Judy G.

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What a beautiful baby, I'm so sorry for your loss... Rest in Peace Dear Scooter... all the Angels at the Bridge will welcome you with open paws...

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