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Found 2 results

  1. Recently my puppy Promise fell ill at a time I was having financial difficulties, it was an awful dilemma not to be able to get her the proper care she deserves. I am grateful that she is on the road to recovery and truly inspired to help others and it was a true blessing to find this forum for all of the advice and support available. My first drive will be held Sept. 8th in my city Charlotte, NC and I am looking forward to donating to the IMOM.org Family and want to thank you!
  2. Newbie, here!

    Hello. I'm SunSpott, a North Coventry Grandma thinking about adopting a 10-year-old boy-cat with heart disease. I lost my sweet Sammie-girl to an inoperable sinus tumor only days before Christmas, and am aimin' to fill a hole in my heart, just now. Sammy was a dumpster cat; one rescued, along with her kittens, from a construction dumpster. Life was tough for her. She never quite recovered from the trauma of her first year on earth. She was my buddy for nearly 9 years. Before Sammie there was DeeCee; a stray who grew into a gypsy princess before suddenly transitioning from this place to another one sunny March morning that still seems like only yesterday. I miss them all; all the cats (and many dogs) of a lifetime. If a needy creature were to knock at our door, these days, of course I'd take it in, but since I'm doing the looking, I figure it's only fair to pick some four-legger who is no more than a match for me (grin!), so I'm favoring Oliver; although he's none too small. He's a 20-plus pound Maine Coon. Heck, if we get to adoption, he'll be the only purebred feline I've ever fed! I can afford to feed him, and keep up with his routine care, but this cardiac problem he's got just may be beyond my means. Might not, but ... I'm here to learn how it's done. To help as I can. To invest in what might be a future need before the need arises ... for Oliver ... or another adoptee.