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Found 3 results

  1. This past summer I took Darby, my service dog, to the vet because he was in pain. When the vet looked at the x-ray he saw that he had congested heart failure as well as 2 cracked ribs. I now owe $400+ in vet bills which I trying to pay which is hard because his meds cost $150+ a month. I am on disability and only get $750 a month. I've been going without some of my meds, Co-pays ya know, and trying to stretch his out without causing him more harm. He has one Rx for congestive heart failure, one to help reduce the amount of heart attacks and the other is to reduce the fluid build up around his heart. With his meds, he is a happy little fellow. I need him to be healthy because we have been together a long time and I need the services he provides me. He lets me know when I am in trouble with my breathing, helps me with my mobility issues, when I need to rest and he stays right beside me. Once I fell on a sidewalk and couldn't get up he on his own went up and down the street until he found someone to help. He is my constant companion.
  2. Vet Bills

    Our Cat Henley was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago. It's been an incredibly hard couple weeks for us. At first all was going well, her glucose levels looked good, she looked good. Until last Saturday she stopped eating. I'll keep this short because we just aren't to the point where we can deal with this yet. She got blood tests the vet suspected pancreatitis. Said Henley needed 24 hr care so we drove her 2 hrs to the closest 24hr care hospital. She had to stay for 2 days. We got a call at 3:30am the second night saying she wasn't doing well. We rushed to be with her and stayed all day. She looked better later that day so the vet gave us the option to take her home with new insulin, meds, and a treatment plan. Vet made it sound like she had a good chance to get better and we jumped at the idea of having Henley back home. We hate that money had to play a factor in Henley's care but it did. We were already in over $1500.00. The second estimate was between $5000.00-$7000.00 with no guarantees and they still didn't know why she wasn't eating. So we took her home and she seemed fine until the next morning. She couldn't even hold her head up and when she started making a sound like she was in pain we rushed her to our local vet and prepared ourselves for having to put her down. But the vet gave us new hope after x-rays said her colon was backed up. He wanted to give her fluids and an enema and would call us after. He called an hour later and said she had passed. We are devastated. The bills with hospital stays, meds, x-rays, blood tests are over $2300.00. Rusty & Cathy
  3. Our cat Henley was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago. The home treatment seemed to be going well until Friday night; she wasn't eating much and was lethargic. Saturday morning she wouldn't eat at all. She is a small cat usually 7lbs but with the diabetes is down to 5lbs. So I rushed her to the vet he said she needed to be admitted to a 24hr animal hospital. We live in the mountains and the 24hr hospital is two hours away off the mountain. So off Henley and I went. Checked her in Saturday. She was down to 4.5 lbs and dehydrated. The main goal was to get her weight up, fluids in and run tests. Vet called today Henley hasn't responded well to the treatment and they still don't know what's wrong with her. So far the bill is over $2000.00. They can keep her longer, run more tests, but there is no guarantee that she will get better or they will even find out what's wrong. I hate that finances play a role in Henley's health. To go forward vet estimates at least another $5000.00-$6000.00. Vet says if we take her home she will die in pain. She is 7 years old and we hate the thought of putting her down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.