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Found 3 results

  1. Mona needs help

    Hi there, I joined this forum in the hopes of raising some money for costly pet care for my cat in need. I adopted Mona, a special senior kitty from a rescue in Pennsylvania. They had rescued her from a kill shelter in rural PA where she had ended up as a stray. She was in dire condition with several skin conditions, malnourished and severely ill. The rescue used their available resources to bring her back to life but was not aware of some of the more long-term underlying conditions from which she was suffering. As her sniffles cleared up a bit, I noticed her breathing was still compromised and took her to a vet within a week of having adopted her. My vet in the Lower East Side of Manhattan diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, yeast infection in her ears, ringworm, and then performed an x ray to determine she has free fluid in her abdomen and a diaphragmatic hernia both of which are contributing to her compromised breathing and require immediate attention. I have inquired into getting assistance from the rescue but they do not have the resources. I am very concerned about Mona's wellbeing as her breathing is effected and the vet warned that her condition could worsen and effect her heart and lungs further if I don't get her care as soon as possible. I have already spent over $600 to get to this point on the visit, x rays and meds to treat her more minor conditions. I still need to take her in for another visit ($105) to get her a full blood panel ($190), fecal parasite test ($55), ultrasound ($700) right away. Then I need to bring the ultrasound to a specialist ($200+) and she will need surgery according to my vet and the radiologist which will cost thousands of dollars but I am still waiting on a pre-testing estimate. I don't know how this whole thing works but I need help. Right now I have this super special kitty living in pain and potentially getting worse but my hands are tied because I cannot afford to help her. Anything would help. Do you know a vet local to NYC who would perform pro-bono services? Do you have money to donate? I could provide my vet's contact info to donate directly. Thanks for your help. Lee
  2. Hey! I am Jackie and My dog is Charlie :)

    I just joined the forum and would like to introduce myself and Sir Charles. Charlie is a 12 year old chihuahua with horrible teeth! I'm his mama, Jackie. We are raising funds for his dental surgery. Well, I'm raising funds for it because he is old and has no thumbs to do the typing We are in the process of applying for some IMOM financial aid, but I thought I'd post in here looking for supporters to his online fundraiser. I would like to avoid using IMOM's fund when I am able to promote his campaign myself. In just 4 days we have reach halfway of his $1000 fundraising goal. If you've ever had an abscess you know how awful it feels.
  3. Hello

    Hello everyone, While going through my Facebook feed two months ago there was a picture of a funny looking mixed breed dog. Her post was titled "Will be pts if no foster steps up". It was late, and I was afraid to commit, so I sent an email in asking if anyone had stepped up. I waited a little while and didn't hear back, and I went to bed. The next morning I felt awful, how could I not have tried harder? Now she was dead. I was heart-broken. Then I checked my email, and the response was "saved, in a short-term foster". I was so overjoyed, I emailed back and told them I was very interested in helping "Netty". This was April 30th. My husband and I have never had a dog, we have four cats and were afraid to commit to a dog and the vet bills that can come with one. But I just felt something pulling me to Netty. I offered to take her as a foster, and to possibly adopt her. Silly me, like I could ever "meet" an animal in need, and turn them away. She arrived on May 8th, and she is as gentle as can be. She was much older, and much slower than they had relayed. Now we were really worried about the vet bills, but we figured we had time and would purchase pet insurance. She had a small wound on her side, which looked like it needed attention. We took her to the vet, and it turned out to be mast cell cancer, and needed to be removed on May 21st. The rescue organization paid for the surgery because technically I was still fostering Netty. We nursed her back to health, babied her, fed her a great diet, and iced her surgical spot. We completely bonded with her. Well, 8 weeks later she became covered with large, bumpy, angry hives. She scratched them to bleeding before I realized something was wrong. Her whole chest was pink and irritated. She had lumps all over her, but mainly under her chin, her snout, her ears,and her front legs. I gave her Benadryl and took her to the vet the next day. They aspirated two of the lumps, and they found mast cells in those lumps. The cancer had spread in her body. The vet is recommending oral chemotherapy and Prednisone. We are really afraid of how much it's going to cost. Pet insurance is not an option, because this was a pre-existing condition for it to get so far. She still seems well, she has always been a sleeper and a slow walker. The poor girl lived in Los Angeles in a animal hoarding situation, then was rescued, adopted, dumped at a kill shelter, luckily rescued again and put in boarding. She was then flown from Los Angeles to NY by the rescue group to help find a home for her because smaller dogs are more adoptable in the NY area. She's been through so much. We were hoping to give her a few good years of spoiling and unconditional love. I am praying that I am never faced with a financial decision that goes against my heart. Thank you for letting me share. Rosanne