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Found 1 result

  1. Basically, I am one of 4 kids being raised by a single mother. We have a Shih Tzu named Devit whom we got after my parent's divorce. As corny as it sounds, he was there for all of us emotionally when we needed it over the years, knowing we can't help him now when he needs it most is the most heart breaking feeling. I have a job which has gone all to either my little angel's vet appointments, college books, my car that keeps breaking down or my mom's. We were told he has Intervertebral Disk Disease, his spine has slowly been deteriorating but he's never shown signs in the past until recently where he's almost completely lost the use of his little back legs. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see him try to walk to go to the bathroom. He's on bed rest until we can figure out how to pay for the surgery, I started saving up as best as I can but we've been struggling. We would appreciate any help whatsoever, he's been the most amazing, loyal dog and doesn't deserve this :( email: suupimniaa@gmail.com Thank you for your time.