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Found 1 result

  1. Portos, my Divine Love

    Hi everyone, I am glad I found this website, I'm a new member here but this 'place' makes me feel at a cozy home. My Name is Yoko, my beautiful Divine Love's name is Portos, chow/wolf mix I've been told. He's been my companion since he was 3 weeks old, he's now 14 yrs. We've been through a lot of challenges and changes together, and have shared lots of happy moments as well. Why is Portos my Divine Love? you may wonder. I can start by telling you that Portos was sent from heaven, he's an extra-ordinary living entity. Just about every morning as I good morning kissed him, he had this delightful smell, as if he had been to the woods during the night, at other times he smelled like flowers, or as if he had been at a farm. I hugged him and kissed him so much until he did not take another hug or kiss from me. Once when I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his floffy body, I felt it was God himself I was hugging. I felt such peace within like I had never felt b4. Since then Portos became my Divine Love. He taught me what unconditional love feels like, I try to love the way he loves, I have not mastered that yet but I'm working on it. Perhaps it is easier to succed in practicing unconditional love on these living entities than it is on human entities, because lots of humans are not able to either give or receive love. Pets, whether they be dogs, cats, pigs, horses, etc., are ALWAYS READY to give it and receive it. My beautiful Portos also has his one and only, that's Cleo, a yellow lab, 14 yrs old, they love each other for ever. There is soo much to say about them, but mostly about Portos, that I might have to create a "portos 2' topic title....