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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Ive never done this before but i found a kitten in my front yard. After getting her out of the junipers i noticed she has a possible ruptured eye. I have fostered alot of kittens and found amazing homes for them but i have never had to take in a kitten with a ruptured eye. Is there any organizations who will help pay for the costs of getting her eye removed. I have 2 cats and a dog who i have recently had to take to the vet for various reasons and i do not make much money at my job. I just cannot see this sweet little kitten hurt anymore. Please help with some advice.
  2. Short Version I have a 3 week old kitten with a big scabbed over leg wound that worries me and I believe that he has torn his third eyelid in his right eye. I cannot afford to bring him to the vet and would appreciate any assistance, even advice on how to treat him at home if no financial aid can be granted. Long Version Hello, my name is Megan. A couple of weeks ago I happened across a litter of 5 kittens in an abandoned cabin on my grandmother's property. They had only just opened their eyes when I found them. The mother wasn't around, but soon showed up after hearing her kits mewing loudly from me picking them up. They seemed fine and healthy with their mother and I was afraid that if I moved them the mother would abandon them, so I left them there. Nothing could get to them besides their mother and it was well insulated so they were able to stay warm. Plus another feral cat I had gotten to trust me had just given birth to six newborns in the camper I was staying in and I didn't think the moms would get along. Every day I'd go in and check on them, most of the time the mother wasn't there, and they were always happy and healthy. I wasn't able to check on them for two consecutive days due to heavy rain and babysitting my cousins child. When I had finally managed to check on them one of the kittens had passed away from serious abdominal trauma. Two kittens were left in the box with the deceased and the other two on the ground of the cabin. Horrified at seeing this I made a brash decision to bring the kittens into the camper with me and just figure the rest out. I started with the two in the box and then was able to coerce the other two into getting within range so that I could pick them up and put them in the camper as well. After burying their brother, I gave them kitten food that only one of them ate and water. And I made a nice place for them to sleep and feel safe. Later that night I started worrying about the well being of the three that didn't eat and set out to find their mother. It as easy enough as she was sitting right where she had left the kittens in the cabin. I scooped her up and brought her to her babies, she fed them, all was well, and I went to bed. The next morning I awoke and went to inspect the kittens to see if they were all alright, after all the jump from the box they were in to the cabin floor was quite high. One kitten, Baguette had a sinus infection and could no longer breathe through his nose, that has since cleared up. Brioche seemed perfectly healthy, still does. Boa was fine until about three days ago, his right eye now has a watery discharge and seals shut at times. I can take care of this at home his eye is already looking better. Now the one I am concerned about is Rusty. Right above his back right leg he had a V-Shaped wound and the skin had peeled back. The first time I attempted to get a better look at his leg his mother full on attacked my hand and I had to back off. A little later I went back and was able to calm the momma cat and get a proper look at Rusty's leg. It looked as if someone took a potato peeler to his leg, the poor thing. I had to readjust the skin back to cover the wound and held it there for thirty minutes until it stuck by itself. If I had let go sooner the skin would just peel back off as it had done in previous attempts. It's scabbed over now with no infection. The scab is prominent and if he moves his leg the wrong way I'm afraid it will re-open the wound. To make things worse for the little guy he seems to have a torn third eyelid in his right eye. At first I thought it as only watering and would recover at the same rate as Boa's, but it only got worse. I had to take a warm washcloth to his eye to get it to open and his third eyelid is swollen and either torn or just jagged along the edge. The reason I say torn is because there is bright pink swelling from the upper side of his eye as well as in the corner. It may just be his upper eyelid that's swollen, but it looks like it connects to his third eyelid and the edge of it is uneven and bumpy. I'd love to be able to get all 10 kittens and their mothers to the vet to make sure they are alright, but I am the most concerned about Rusty. I don't know how long he had that open wound on his leg and I read online that if infection gets trapped under his eyelid or if he's got a scratch on his cornea it could lead to blindness or he may need the entire eye removed. I won't start working until May as my job is a seasonal one and I don't have the proper funds to take him to the vet myself, any assistance would be appreciated. I will upload pictures if requested.
  3. 11224871 1185798704768240 4657299323709033493 N

    From the album Our Pets At The Shelter

    this is ariel, we thought she deserved a princess name, she is very lovable and sweet. One of the best kittens that I have ever been around.
  4. Meeka, our household kitten, since we have had since September 2012, had a very bad morning today that resulted in a visit to the vet. They did some X-Rays and found a foreign object lodged in her intestines She is on life or death status (we have 1- 2 days), all relying on a crucial surgery to remove the object and relieve her of the pain that she is experiencing. She is not acting liker herself at all - her eyes are glossed over, and her movements are far and few between. She is lethargic and is barely drinking water. Sometimes people use words like "wild" to describe Meeka - and with good reason, because she was raised on a farm, and most certainly has some "wild" blood in her. But I would do anything to see that fire back in her eyes right now. Please keep Meeka on your mind and in your hearts as we try to get this surgery happening in the next 1-2 days in a visit to the vet. They did some X-Rays and found a foreign object lodged in her intestines She is on life or death status (we have 2 days), all relying on a crucial surgery to remove the object and relieve her of the pain that she is experiencing. If anyone else has been through this, I would love to hear from you. I have heard great things about this community and have already been exploring the ways that everyone reaches out to one another and it is touching. I'm grateful to be introducing myself and Meeka into a community of people who are understanding and grateful for the roles that pets play in our lives.
  5. Heading To Surgery!

    From the album Miss Meeka

    What a 24-hour cycle this has been! I got an email from IMOM this morning, letting me know that the financial committee reviewed my request. And because of the urgency of this case, Meeka is already at the vet! I dropped her off 45 minutes ago, and was told they would get started on surgery in the next hour. I was reassured that Meeka was in the BEST HANDS POSSIBLE! The OWNER of the clinic is operating on Meeka today to take care of her in this hard time. I am so so grateful for this. Meeka has been such a trooper. And we are both forever grateful to IMOM and this community of supporters. We will be brainstorming ways to give back ASAP! This photo really shows the hope she has in her eyes.
  6. This Morning

    From the album Miss Meeka

    This is Meeka, still resting and hardly moving. We are going on 24 hours of behavior like this and it just doesn't seem to be improving :( She hasn't taken ANY water since yesterday at noon. Any suggestions on how to get them to drink some water? She has a GI Foreign Body in her Intestines, so she can not eat anything or keep anything down. She is in so much pain. We have our paws crossed that we will make it into surgery today if the funding is available through IMOM.
  7. Lucky the day after we found her

    From the album Lucky

    This was Lucky the day after she was found! The day before her eye was stuck shut with fluids and nastiness:( She was on Clavamox, Buprenex, and Gentocin(? I think that's how it's spelled). Nov 2012 <3 love her
  8. Lucky right after surgery

    From the album Lucky

    Jan 19th 2013
  9. Lucky's eye ulcer D: AGAIN

    From the album Lucky

    After healing up initially, Lucky got another eye ulcer in Jan 2013. The iris prolapsed and 6 days later the eye ruptured, requiring immediate removal. This was taken Jan 17th 2013 or so.
  10. Lucky's christmas

    From the album Lucky

    Before the second ulcer:(
  11. Iris prolapsed

    From the album Lucky

    Lucky's iris prolapsed:( Jan 17-18th 2013
  12. Eye ulcer again

    From the album Lucky

    I think this was just before the iris prolapsed?? Still bad:( She was foaming due to atropine's bitter taste (the pain killer)
  13. Hi guys! I'm Kaitlyn! I'm 21 and I've had cats for as long as I can remember.<3 We recently resuced a kitten last November from a gutter. A trip to the emergency vet and to Banfield indicated to us that she had a viral infection when she was very young and that it had been badly infected and that she also had an ulcer on top of that!! We had taken her out of the gutter at about 6 weeks of age...so she had probably had the infection for a while. This photo compares her eye the day we GOT her to a week later on an antibiotic, painkiller regiment (oral and eye drop antibiotics). In the last few days she has somehow gotten an ulcer on her eye. I got antibiotics and atropine and some serum made of her own blood (IDK why? But they were adament that I needed it!) from Banfield. Two days later and it still has quickly swelled up and ... I was freaking out, so I took her to Banfield again this morning and we were told that her iris has prolapsed. :( She has been dealing with eye drops and antibiotics since November!! Maybe removing her eye is the most humane thing to do at this point?:( I just feel awful and somehow I feel like I could have done more to help her! I've spent over $500 on her since November and literally have $70 left to my name after paying tuition... and to top it all off I don't work and have no credit .. I made a facebook page and hopefully my facebook friends can pass around the word. I don't want to give her up because I can't afford to help her...T_T http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Lucky-the-loving-kitten-get-her-damaged-eye-removed/156396141175400 So now I am looking at an enucleation... How much do they normally cost? And does anyone know good places in Arizona?? SHOULD I HAVE HER SURGERY AT BANFIELD? I have heard bad things about Banfield...do you have good stories?? Anyone experience enucleation??? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this <3