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Found 37 results

  1. Hello, my name is Melissa and my dog is Gator. I really don't know what I'm supposed to say but I really need help for the best dog I've ever known. Gator is five ..he is a Pitt as far as I know but more almost like a bully with a big head and an even bigger heart. I was given gator when he was three months old by nephew ..who insisted I keep him.. I ha recently got divorced and was in the midst of the saddest days of my life ..my brother had passed away at 39 after being sick for years ..I took care of him until he passed and shortly there after my two oldest friends of 30 plus years died two months apart .. so many deaths and my children leaving home to start their life as well as the divorce had left me in a depression that there was no way to come through. Gator saved me is the short story. Though he couldn't talk and I couldn't bark he understood me and I him. I've never been away from him since the day I was blessed with him for the longest four hours. He is the kindest ,loving and gentle creature I've known..now he's sick and I'm at a loss as to how to help him. I applied and received a care credit card but only for 500$ which was almost depleted first visit and got the meds and test that I could afford ..but none were positive . .now he's even worse and needs xrays but I don't have enough to cover all the test they need to do for my boy ..I'm going to little animal clinic on hey 19 in port Richey and it looks like his kidneys are the prob but I don't know for sure ..he's just so uncomfortable at this point I can hardly stand it. Please I'm begging you or anybody to find it in your heart to help my best friend..he surely deserves it. Thank you, Melissa
  2. Hello, Ive never done this before but i found a kitten in my front yard. After getting her out of the junipers i noticed she has a possible ruptured eye. I have fostered alot of kittens and found amazing homes for them but i have never had to take in a kitten with a ruptured eye. Is there any organizations who will help pay for the costs of getting her eye removed. I have 2 cats and a dog who i have recently had to take to the vet for various reasons and i do not make much money at my job. I just cannot see this sweet little kitten hurt anymore. Please help with some advice.
  3. Hi her name is momma and she is 7yrs old. I am on a fixed income and having financial hardship. momma is very loved. I just cant afford surgery. If you can please help, call Tim at 760 940 4551 or 760 622 4571
  4. Please visit, like, donate, share, and comment on these two campaigns I've started on GofundMe.com! My lab/pit had to have part of her tail amputated last Wednesday, and our newer rescue Joey needs surgery on his shoulder ASAP for Osteochondritis Dessicans. Delilah's care will come to around $1,500 before we are done treatment, and Joey's care will come to almost $5,000! I'm a single, disabled mom, and these health issues just were not in the budget! Trying every avenue possible to get help, so please pass this on to your friends, family, and contacts, at the very least! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. My baby boy was hit by a car on Friday and needs to be kept on oxygen until we can afford to see a surgeon in either Boston or Manchester. PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIM. They will euthanize him if we can't get the money together
  6. My cat lightening had gone missing for 3 days finally he showed up on the porch but he came hobbling in and meowing like crazy. I looked down and his poor paw was dragging on the ground. I took him to an emergency vet (it was Sunday) the vet checked him out and the fee was 358 up front. I told them I couldn't do it up front and if I could do a payment plan or something all they said was no and I'm not able to have my cat back until I pay the fee. Well now I'm afraid they're going to take him to a shelter or God only know what. I need help paying the fee
  7. Help Charlie With Her Cancer!

    Hi! I'm brand new here and I'm holding my breath here since there are so many other people on here who need help but I'm going to give this a try! My name is Kelsey and my cat's name is Charlie. She has already had surgery to remove her left eye because there was so much pressure in it it was causing her discomfort and pain. Since the surgery she's been back to her normal self. Eating, drinking, relieving, playing and is as loving as every, if not more so. About a week and a half after her surgery I got a call that her biopsy results came back and it wasn't good. She has what is called diffuse melanoma in the eye, which is an aggressive form of cancer in the eye that attacks pigment in the eye. It is rare, and rarely spreads to other organs but since that, under the microscope, the cells appear to be the aggressive type it's almost 99% certain that her cancer is malignant. It's very confusing for me to know what this diagnosis is because she SEEMS totally FINE. Everything is fine and back to normal since her enucleation. The next steps we have to take are getting all of her diagnostics done, 3 films of chest x-rays, needle biopsy of a node and abdominal ultrasounds to check her liver and kidneys. These tests are going to run me up about $1.2k. We've spend SO much on her already, about $1,600 and I'm not working that much right now, my fiance had lung cancer 2 years ago and since it's a new year, we have to pay almost full price for his pain management doctor and scans, and we have to move soon, have car insurance and other bills to pay. When she is HEALTHY to me, I see no reason to put her down because it's the cheaper option. We can't have kids so this old lady is all I have. She's only 9 years old. She deserves to live a fuller life, to be loved and cared for. I'm trying to do that as best as I can. We are changing her diet slightly and looking into supplements per our vets concurrence with some research we've done already.
  8. On April 1st I took my cat Link to an emergency clinic in Rochester N.Y. he was vomiting, hunched over, in pain wasn't peeing. The doctor said he had a blockage and wanted to keep him 3 days hooked up to a catheter. I didn't have enough money for a three day vet visit so they took him for a couple hours and flushed fluids through him to remove what they could of the blockage. Link was doing better prior to late last night and early this morning. He urinated blood and hasn't been able to pee when he trys since. He is growling and moaning after he trys to go like he is in pain. I exhausted all of my financial resources taking him to the vet the first time. Im really worried for him and don't know what to do. I have no more money and I've called and talked to every local place in Rochester, my last resort will be surrendering him and I cant bring myself to that. I love him so much, I've spent five years with him and cant imagine our time together ending this soon. He is my best friend. Please help.
  9. Vet Bills

    Our Cat Henley was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago. It's been an incredibly hard couple weeks for us. At first all was going well, her glucose levels looked good, she looked good. Until last Saturday she stopped eating. I'll keep this short because we just aren't to the point where we can deal with this yet. She got blood tests the vet suspected pancreatitis. Said Henley needed 24 hr care so we drove her 2 hrs to the closest 24hr care hospital. She had to stay for 2 days. We got a call at 3:30am the second night saying she wasn't doing well. We rushed to be with her and stayed all day. She looked better later that day so the vet gave us the option to take her home with new insulin, meds, and a treatment plan. Vet made it sound like she had a good chance to get better and we jumped at the idea of having Henley back home. We hate that money had to play a factor in Henley's care but it did. We were already in over $1500.00. The second estimate was between $5000.00-$7000.00 with no guarantees and they still didn't know why she wasn't eating. So we took her home and she seemed fine until the next morning. She couldn't even hold her head up and when she started making a sound like she was in pain we rushed her to our local vet and prepared ourselves for having to put her down. But the vet gave us new hope after x-rays said her colon was backed up. He wanted to give her fluids and an enema and would call us after. He called an hour later and said she had passed. We are devastated. The bills with hospital stays, meds, x-rays, blood tests are over $2300.00. Rusty & Cathy
  10. Please help us. My dog was hit by a car and the guy ran off! I haven't been able to work because of my sons medical issues. He may have autism and other factors. My credit is to bad for the carecredit and my bf has none. We need 2500$ by Monday December 7th (My Birthday) to get my dog his surgery he needs.(Been Extended to asap) He has a broken pelvis, bruised organs, Fractured ribs, fractured spine, and can't walk. His head was banged up pretty bad and he's miserable. We were unable to keep him at the vet through the weekend due to funds. Already had to lay out 450$ to take him home with pain medications and my car is about to be reposed. We have 900$ down on him now if you call up at the vet office. If I don't come up with the rest of the money today we'll have to amputate his leg (Something we really don't want to do) If all you can do is share this or say a prayer I would greatly appreciate it and so would our family.
  11. Please help us. My dog was hit by a car and the guy ran off! I haven't been able to work because of my sons medical issues. He may have autism and other factors. My credit is to bad for the carecredit and my bf has none. We need 2500$ by Monday December 7th (My Birthday) to get my dog his surgery he needs.(Been Extended to asap) He has a broken pelvis, bruised organs, Fractured ribs, fractured spine, and can't walk. His head was banged up pretty bad and he's miserable. We were unable to keep him at the vet through the weekend due to funds. Already had to lay out 450$ to take him home with pain medications and my car is about to be reposed. We have 900$ down on him now if you call up at the vet office. If I don't come up with the rest of the money today we'll have to amputate his leg (Something we really don't want to do) If all you can do is share this or say a prayer I would greatly appreciate it and so would our family.
  12. Bella Boo

    Hi, My daughter needs help paying for dental expenses. She is struggling and is already on WIC and can't afford Bella's dental work. Poor Bella can barely eat because her mouth hurts so bad.
  13. Mona needs help

    Hi there, I joined this forum in the hopes of raising some money for costly pet care for my cat in need. I adopted Mona, a special senior kitty from a rescue in Pennsylvania. They had rescued her from a kill shelter in rural PA where she had ended up as a stray. She was in dire condition with several skin conditions, malnourished and severely ill. The rescue used their available resources to bring her back to life but was not aware of some of the more long-term underlying conditions from which she was suffering. As her sniffles cleared up a bit, I noticed her breathing was still compromised and took her to a vet within a week of having adopted her. My vet in the Lower East Side of Manhattan diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, yeast infection in her ears, ringworm, and then performed an x ray to determine she has free fluid in her abdomen and a diaphragmatic hernia both of which are contributing to her compromised breathing and require immediate attention. I have inquired into getting assistance from the rescue but they do not have the resources. I am very concerned about Mona's wellbeing as her breathing is effected and the vet warned that her condition could worsen and effect her heart and lungs further if I don't get her care as soon as possible. I have already spent over $600 to get to this point on the visit, x rays and meds to treat her more minor conditions. I still need to take her in for another visit ($105) to get her a full blood panel ($190), fecal parasite test ($55), ultrasound ($700) right away. Then I need to bring the ultrasound to a specialist ($200+) and she will need surgery according to my vet and the radiologist which will cost thousands of dollars but I am still waiting on a pre-testing estimate. I don't know how this whole thing works but I need help. Right now I have this super special kitty living in pain and potentially getting worse but my hands are tied because I cannot afford to help her. Anything would help. Do you know a vet local to NYC who would perform pro-bono services? Do you have money to donate? I could provide my vet's contact info to donate directly. Thanks for your help. Lee
  14. Our Dog Jake has Chronic Kidney failure and needs his Kidneys flushed with IV to get rid of the toxins. They want $1200 which is totally out of our budget. Everyday matters and we worry that if he doesnt have treatment straight away he wont be around much longer. He is 6 or 7 years old. We got him as a rescue so it is an estimate but he still has much life left. We tried Carecredit, but we simply do not have good enough credit for it..
  15. My nearly 4 year old Chiweenie, Luigi, was just admitted into the ICU this morning and must stay for several days. He has been having cluster seizures affecting his vision and ability to walk or stand, eat or drink. He is in critical condition and is about to undergo an MRI and Spinal TAP if they can stabilize him. We are needing donations to keep him in the ICU for several more days. The reasoning for the MRI and Spinal TAP is due to his brain inflammation and seizures. The testing is crucial because we need to figure out how to treat him, in a timely manner due to his condition being possibly fatal. We truly love our dog, and he plays just as big a part of our family as a child would. We would be eternally grateful to have him back home.. Any help would mean the world to us. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this post. We were able to cover the costs for his consultation, medicine, and MRI/spinal tap for tomorrow, though the following days for treatment and boarding are completely beyond our financial capabilities. **We were unable to take any pictures of him in this stage so far because they took him into the ICU so quickly. Attached are some pictures of him before this happened. We will be sure to update photos as soon as are able to see him.
  16. Dora Needs your Help

    Hi! About a year ago I rescued 2 small dogs from a kill shelter. Momma Lady and daughter-Dora. A morkie and Yorkie. Dora has developed a severe otitis externa. No meds or diet has helped and vets are insisting on total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA/LBO) surgery on both ears. The cost is ridiculous ($4,600.00) and i was denied care credit. I can not afford this upfront. It's so severe that her left ear is now inverted and the built up tissue from her scratching is exposed. She scratches herself till she bleeds now and im desperate to get this surgery done before she causes herself anymore pain. If anyone can provide me some a help or advice i appreciate it. these are pics of her ears.
  17. Doras left ear

    From the album Otitis Externa

    total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA/LBO) surgery needed
  18. Dora Left Ear

    From the album Otitis Externa

    total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA/LBO) surgery needed
  19. Please help, I am in a urgent situation, my baby girl Maggie is very ill. Maggie has large masses all over her body. She is a beautiful dog, 14 yrs. old and so wonderful and dear to me. I have never had to ask for help. I have always been able to give my dogs great care. But I am unemployed. I worked 12 yrs. As a Corrections Officer in Monroe, WA. But I had to leave due to the murder of my coworker while at work. It was horrible and devastating. We were close, and it was emotionally scaring and I no longer felt I could work there. But Maggie is everything to me, she can barely at all walk because of the masses, I carry her outside to potty, but it hurts her..Her entire right front leg is suddenly swollen really bad, very hot and tight. She is hurting...suffering...and I cant do what needs to be done..Maggie hates the vet, she shakes, hides and I cant bring her in there...just cant. She needs to be here, in her home, in her bed, and just sleep...I cant transport her either..I just am asking, please kind animal lovers, I am praying for a caring vet to come to our home, and allow Maggie, my sweetest baby girl to sleep....I also have my 94 yr. old grandma living with me, I take care of her. I never dreamed I would have to ask for any help, but this is urgent, Maggie is suffering. I'm a wreck, sitting beside her constantly. I am so sad seeing her like this. Please help. Please.
  20. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FLAG THIS POST! THIS IS URGENT SITUATION AND I NEED HELP! I am in need of immediate assistance to help our beloved Sadie. My aunt is 77 years old and will be going to live in a retirement community. Her beloved YorkiePoo needs to find a home with a family member. My current dogs cost are exuberant due to his allergies and special foods/medicines. My landlord is requiring me to pay another pet deposit in order to take little Sadie in. Sadie is only 4-4 1/2 lbs and my aunt can not live with thought of this dog ending up in a shelter. I saw her tears for the first time in my life yesterday when I told her my landlord was being uncooperative. I paid a pet deposit and I also pay monthly for my pet. If anyone knows of any agency in PA that will help us I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. My aunt will need to be moved into her new home by Friday and Saturday at the latest. I did start a fundraising effort and hopefully something will come from that. We are willing to fully repay any donations! My aunts funds are tied up because of the move and having to sell assets and turn over her payments to the community.
  21. Hi all! My name is Christina, and I am so happy I found this site! We have a 4 month old miniature schnauzer who desperately needs medical attention. Through hours of online searching, I stumbled across this site. I want to apply for financial aid, but it says that they are only doing emergencies right now. This is an emergency, a matter of life or death really. But my problem is that the rules say that I need a written letter from my vet with diagnoses and life expectancy. No vet in my area (even my own) will diagnose her without me paying for extensive tests. They all have told me what they think is wrong, but without tests they can't be sure. I started a gofundme page. It's my last option, before we choose to put her to sleep because it's the cheapest option. I don't want to do that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did. I HAVE to find her help, and all other options have shut me down. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link to my gofundme page on this forum. And if I am not allowed, please let me know where I can post it. I don't want to break the rules right off the bat. All of our puppy's info and symptoms (more of her story) is on the gofundme page. I'm not asking anyone to donate, though I would be forever grateful. But I am asking that you share the link with anyone who you think might help. We are on a time crunch. She is getting worse by the day, and seriously needs medical attention. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much!
  22. Treatment for Smoosh

    Hi everyone! After Googling for hours, calling up numerous places, vets, organizations, I've exhausted all outlets. I need desperate help getting donations to get my cat a diagnosis and treatment. My cat, Smoosh, started peeing on the couches in the house randomly and we figured that it was a behavioral problem due to our somewhat new cat that we got back in March, but we decided to take her to the vet to rule out a UTI. The vet felt her organs, and felt a large lump in her bladder. We had Xrays done, which didn't show us what the mass was, but was told that because it wasn't metatisized in any way, that it's most likely not cancerous. However, in order to figure out what is going on in her bladder (if it's a polyp, benign tumor, different type of stone that doesn't show up on a simple X-Ray) we will need an ultrasound and bloodwork. The ultrasound is $550 and blood work is a whopping $220. The expenses, I expect, will not stop here as I have a feeling that whatever it is, it has to be taken out. For starters, I need to at least get her the ultrasound so I can go further with figuring out a treatment plan for her, as well as giving the diagnosis to organizations that need it in order to see if they can help or not. My mother and I have exhausted all funds, as we are both on SSI disability and can't afford to get Smoosh the treatment she needs, but I cannot see putting her down or giving her away as she was my Uncles cat, who passed away 2 1/2 years ago, and I'm very close to that cat. With that said, if anyone could, that would be greatly appreciated.
  23. New to the Community

    Hi, I'm another new member (David Smith). I live in Des Moines, IA with my family: My wife Christina, our five year old daughter Evelyn and Titus, our wonderful Husky. I did a tour in Iraq as an Army Medic and my wife is a veteran as well. Yesterday morning (the 4th)Titus and I took my daughter and her friend with us to run around and explore the recreation area at Saylorville Lake near Des Moines. We played, ran, walked through the woods and generally had a great time before going back home. When we got home Titus and the kids went inside for a little R&R and I got out the lawn mower to mow the front yard. Titus is fast, intelligent and a real opportunist. When a kid left the front door open for a few seconds he took off running through the neighborhood. He stopped a few houses down to sniff around, then ran at me like he does when we play in the back yard. I reached out to grab his collar and he blew right by me, he made a second pass and I reached out so far that I fell to the ground with him. We were laying on the ground still when I went to pick him up and take him home and he bit me. I was shocked, I stepped back to understand the situation and saw that he had been inadvertently injured by my fall. My wife took him to the animal hospital just down the road and her brother took me to the VA hospital for stitches. The animal hospital says that he needs $3000 surgery on a broken foot or euthanasia. We have only been able to pay for the exam, splinting and pain treatment so far, I'm going back to work monday but I won't be able to earn much for a little while with only one good hand (I do exteriors; siding, soffit, roofing, etc). The hospital won't break with the no payment plan policy and I was denied by care credit. I'm looking for help/ideas or both. I will still be earning money at work, but payday for me is 2 weeks off and my wife won't get paid for a month, so something short term is the goal for right now. We're not considering euthanasia as an option and won't be changing my stance on that issue. Thanks for any help or ideas and just for reading about an event that feels so tragic in my house.
  24. My fiancé and I bought a pure bred American Staffordshire Terrier at 10 weeks old, only to find out he was chronically ill and had not received any of his immunizations. We took him to the veterinary emergency hospital, after he vomited food and water for a whole day and had horrible diarrhea. The vet gave him a physical and tested for Parvovirus, which was thankfully negative. Ziggy was given an anti-nausea shot and prescribed anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea meds and sent home with instructions to feed him a bland diet of chicken baby-food and rice. Last night he continued to vomit and refused food, but kept water down okay, and still had diarrhea. He is very lethargic, nearly hypoglycemic, and won't give any food a second look. We called several vets and they all said the same thing and gave the same estimate, it looks like anywhere from 300 on the low end to over 1000 if he needs hospitalized. We're running out of options and don't know what to do. We put ourselves in debt for his last visit and they over-charged us for a parvo test and a physical, which turned up nothing, he' very weak and he sleeps all day because he's nearly hypoglycemic. He needs help urgently or he might not make it :(
  25. Hello my name is Anthony, the owner of my beautiful, big baby boy named Charlie. Charlie is an English Mastiff and Burnese Mountain Dog mix. Charlie was just diagnosed with Lymphoma on May 15th, 2014. Today he goes to Dr. Fulton at MedVets in Columbus for his staging and some other blood work. I am a single man at the age of 23 and ann a full time student. My dog means the world to me. The only guy I have in my life is my big boy Charlie. I value his life as much as I value my own, if not more. He is my child, my best friend, my companion. He is the most genuinely sweet and happy dog you will ever meet. He literally almost always has a smile on his face. I've always said that as a pet owner it is our responsibility to do for them what they can't do for themselves and to always keep them safe and happy. It hurts me so much to say that right now I can't do that for my big boy--he needs help. I have started a fundraiser trying to get enough money to ensure that he gets the best possible chance of beating his lymphoma and staying here with his daddy for a few more years. He is only 5 years old, he will be 6 on July 25th. I beg and plead to whoever is reading this to please help me save this beautiful boys life. He is such a sweet soul--he's my kindred spirit. He loves to go on hikes with his daddy, running through waterfalls. Loves to play frisbee and run and gallop along. He's a big fan of swimming whether it be in a lake or a pool or his favorite, the Jupiter Inlet. Please, please help me give me more hikes, more swims, more reasons to wag his ridiculously large "will bruise you because it's so filled with happiness" tail. Help me keep this angel here with us, with me