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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my name is Melissa and my dog is Gator. I really don't know what I'm supposed to say but I really need help for the best dog I've ever known. Gator is five ..he is a Pitt as far as I know but more almost like a bully with a big head and an even bigger heart. I was given gator when he was three months old by nephew ..who insisted I keep him.. I ha recently got divorced and was in the midst of the saddest days of my life ..my brother had passed away at 39 after being sick for years ..I took care of him until he passed and shortly there after my two oldest friends of 30 plus years died two months apart .. so many deaths and my children leaving home to start their life as well as the divorce had left me in a depression that there was no way to come through. Gator saved me is the short story. Though he couldn't talk and I couldn't bark he understood me and I him. I've never been away from him since the day I was blessed with him for the longest four hours. He is the kindest ,loving and gentle creature I've known..now he's sick and I'm at a loss as to how to help him. I applied and received a care credit card but only for 500$ which was almost depleted first visit and got the meds and test that I could afford ..but none were positive . .now he's even worse and needs xrays but I don't have enough to cover all the test they need to do for my boy ..I'm going to little animal clinic on hey 19 in port Richey and it looks like his kidneys are the prob but I don't know for sure ..he's just so uncomfortable at this point I can hardly stand it. Please I'm begging you or anybody to find it in your heart to help my best friend..he surely deserves it. Thank you, Melissa
  2. Mona needs help

    Hi there, I joined this forum in the hopes of raising some money for costly pet care for my cat in need. I adopted Mona, a special senior kitty from a rescue in Pennsylvania. They had rescued her from a kill shelter in rural PA where she had ended up as a stray. She was in dire condition with several skin conditions, malnourished and severely ill. The rescue used their available resources to bring her back to life but was not aware of some of the more long-term underlying conditions from which she was suffering. As her sniffles cleared up a bit, I noticed her breathing was still compromised and took her to a vet within a week of having adopted her. My vet in the Lower East Side of Manhattan diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, yeast infection in her ears, ringworm, and then performed an x ray to determine she has free fluid in her abdomen and a diaphragmatic hernia both of which are contributing to her compromised breathing and require immediate attention. I have inquired into getting assistance from the rescue but they do not have the resources. I am very concerned about Mona's wellbeing as her breathing is effected and the vet warned that her condition could worsen and effect her heart and lungs further if I don't get her care as soon as possible. I have already spent over $600 to get to this point on the visit, x rays and meds to treat her more minor conditions. I still need to take her in for another visit ($105) to get her a full blood panel ($190), fecal parasite test ($55), ultrasound ($700) right away. Then I need to bring the ultrasound to a specialist ($200+) and she will need surgery according to my vet and the radiologist which will cost thousands of dollars but I am still waiting on a pre-testing estimate. I don't know how this whole thing works but I need help. Right now I have this super special kitty living in pain and potentially getting worse but my hands are tied because I cannot afford to help her. Anything would help. Do you know a vet local to NYC who would perform pro-bono services? Do you have money to donate? I could provide my vet's contact info to donate directly. Thanks for your help. Lee
  3. Please help my dog Attila!

    I have the BEST 9 year old St Wiler (mix of St Bernard and Rott). He is loyal, a sweet big bear. Well, 2 weeks ago there was a stray dog walking in our yard and Attila went to chase him and his right leg went into a dip in our yard. Ever since then he has been limping and has a lump on his right wrist/forearm area. May be a carpal hyperextension injury, soft tissue injury, tumor, arthritis.. who knows. He is at his prime and usually gets up like he is 3 years old but he's been lethargic and not eating and limping still. I am disabled with 3 kids and 1 grandchild. I barely make rent. I have been up all night researching grants and charities that can help and I have been crying for hours. Please help my baby!!!
  4. Isis is my 4 year old rescue kitty who is the sweetest feline I have ever known. I got her at a garage sale where the owner just gave her to me. It was love at first site. Isis shares our home with her two canine brothers Midas (Golden Lab-5) & Gasket (Choc Lab -5). I am very proud to donate my time in rescues. I agreed to foster an abandoned Dog that was left in the basement of a house where the tenants made a midnight move and left the 10 mo old puppy & a 40lb bag of food locked in the basement. The neighbors heard the dog barking so called the police who broke in and rescued the poor guy. I was asked to foster the poor guy and I agreed to socialize him with my dogs. All was going well for 2 weeks, until the incident. I let Mr P, out of his kennel to go potty where I would sleep with him in our finished basement her ran up stairs where the door was closed and Isis was laying on the top stairs. She was trapped and had no where to go. I and Isis are still both a bit traumatized. Mr P had her by the left back leg, I had him by the collar pulling him back wards down the stairs trying to get him to let go, He would not. By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs my husband made it downstairs and took the collar and managed to make him let go. Isis has had a tough time of it all, she has been under vet care for almost 3 weeks, we ran out of funds and could no longer afford to keep her in the clinic. Isis's injuries are localized to the leg area (she is very very lucky), she has multiple exterior fractures, interior lacerations & xrays show her bones in 5 pieces with a few shards embedded in her muscles. We have tried to raise the funds needed for her surgery, but maintenance has overwhelmed us & now we are running out of time, as the tissue is beginning to break down. Everyone just loves our sweet girl & it is our hope that we can get the funds for the amputation ASAP instead of ... well I don't know if we have any other options besides putting her to sleep because the next step in her deterioration will be far spread infection.
  5. Dear IMOM Community, My 9-year-old pug Princess is my best friend and my family, and she is in trouble. Since she was given to me 3 years ago, she has made my world so much happier - even with her snoring! I can't imagine my life without her. Last Saturday, she began to bleed very heavily from her you-know-what. I went to an emergency clinic, and they told me that because I could not pay, they basically could not help, but they gave me some amoxicillin for her and told me she needed to be x-rayed. I called around to a few different clinics. Some told me to spay her, some to euthanize her, others to surrender her to a shelter. After my brother (THANK YOU SO MUCH WALLY!) loaned me a little money to pay for x-rays, I finally was able to go to a veterinarian to get them done. What they found - not only does Princess have bladder stones, but her uterus is enlarged. On top of that, she now has discharge coming from her uterus. The doctor believes she has pyometra/pseudo pregnancy in addition to the bladder stones and believes that we need to do a cystotomy and a hysterectomy. I'm unable to work and cannot pay for blood tests and urine tests to figure out exactly what Princess needs, so I'm just waiting to hear from IMOM on what they can help me out with. I can't lose her, but I do not want to see her suffer. She needs treatment as soon as she can get it. She puts me to bed and wakes me up in the morning. She's my everything.
  6. any other resources?

    My 9yrs old (we've been through a lot together) long haired super fluffy 15lbs grey cat with bright green eyes, Cindy, is in need of surgery to remove a mysterious and growing lump from her stomach. We were referred to this website by our very kind Nurse Robyn at the Value Pet Clinic in Tacoma, WA because I've been struggling to find and maintain work since 2009 and have not found anything even temporary since April of this year. Currently we live on $100p/mos and $200p/mos in food stamps. Meanwhile, Cindy has been developing a lump on her stomach and it is getting bigger. I see the website for IMOM says your animal needs to be nearly dying with a Vet note to back that up in order to get financial aid at this time. At this point, without the $530 surgery , it is hard to know what this lump is or what it is doing. Thus, we are not able to acquire the requisite vet note for financial aid it would appear. Does IMOM or anyone else know if help can be found anyplace else? I am guessing i might find this info some place on here but when signing up it said to introduce ourselves. Thank you sincerely for pointing me in the right direction or sharing any further information.